Sunday, November 24, 2013

Secondhand Sunday #1 - Janie & Jack baby coat!

If you hadn't previously seen, each week as a new series on the blog I will be featuring one item purchased secondhand {from resale shops, garage sales, marketplace pages - or even hand-me-down's given to us free of charge}.  If you are a blogger who'd be interested in linking up each week - let me know and I'll add that to the end of the posts!

For my initial Secondhand Sunday - I went big.

And, by big, I mean one of those baby/children's brands that unless I find items used, I can't justify {or afford} to spend the cash on purchasing.  But, oh... the cute.

Yep, I'm talking about Janie & Jack.

I absolutely love how adorable their clothing is for both boys and girls, but there is no way in heck I'm spending an amount similar to our weekly grocery budget on only one item, because - for real - that's just silly.

However, when I came across a super adorable Janie & Jack jacket one size up from what Little Lady is wearing right now - I had to jump on it!  Before I show you the pictures, though, I want to chat about the price.  After a quick scout on the J&J website, I found two similar jackets initially priced at between $70-90 each.  Each, guys.  My purple 12-24 month Janie & Jack quilted jacket below?

A whopping $6.

After trying the jacket on Little Lady, I was excited to find out that if I rolled the sleeves, it already fits at only 10 months.  Thankfully, the liner on the inside of the coat is a nice light purple that looks just as cute cuffed as it does with the sleeves at full length.  Since it fits now, and I know Little Man {of similar body shape} wore his 24 month clothes for quite some time, I'm sure that Little Lady will be wearing this jacket for many, many months.  I also absolutely love the sweet floral detailing as seen above on the inside of the hood.

What item did you purchase or were gifted this weekend secondhand that you absolutely love?

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  1. Went to a consignment store and was super discouraged as I rifled through the 12 month winter coats... Most of them ranged from $20-$40 USED! I decided to shift over to the 9 month rack (my son is a little bean) and found a perfect hooded winter jacket-- size 12 months. Price tag= $5.90. I.was.pumped! Went to pay, and it rang up as $4.19- it was on sale for a steal! :)

    -Jessie O.

    1. Yikes! $40 for a used coat? Were they really popular/expensive brands? I'd be reeling at those prices, too! I'm glad you found something that was less expensive!


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