Friday, November 22, 2013

New blog feature upcoming! Get ready for some TNO weekend action!

Starting this weekend, I'm going to add a new feature on the blog.

Many of you know that I'm all about ways to save money and reduce my environmental impact by purchasing and gladly accepting items gently loved from resale shops, garage sales, local marketplace pages, and from friends/family.

The thing is, though, that before I had children and realized how to manage my cash a little better - I probably {okay, not just probably, but surely} scoffed a bit at used items.  After adding many pre-owned items into our wardrobes and home the past few years, however - I realize just what a benefit it can be to see the upsides and begin your own love of used.

So.  In saying that, I'm adding my new feature:

Secondhand Sundays

Each Sunday, I'll post one of my recent finds up on the blog.  Some weeks, it will be an item that we use right off of the rack {or not, as it were} that we can wash and use immediately.  Other weeks, the item may be something I've had to finagle with a little bit to make it work for our family or home.  And - as with any time you purchase used items frequently - I'll also share those items I purchased and didn't have so much luck rehabbing, repainting, or re-purposing.

If there's enough interest, and this turns out to be something I end up enjoying chatting about with you all, I'd definitely consider making it a linky party for other bloggers as well.  If you feel like this is something you'd also like to share on your blog, let me know and we can start linking up!

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