Monday, November 25, 2013

K'NEX Toy Review - these things are fantastic!

*Disclosure:  I was provided products to review by K'NEX as a part of the Toys"R"Us Mom Blogger K'NEX promotion.  All opinions are honest and my own.  

For those of you who don't know, DH is an engineer.  His area of expertise is in electrical engineering, but he did also take some courses in study of biomedical engineering as well.  So, in our household, toys that use the mind in creative and inventive ways are a top commodity.

When I was recently chosen to review seven {yep, you heard that correctly - seven} sets of K'NEX toys available this holiday season as a special promotion through Toys"R"Us, DH was on cloud nine.  Here's a photo of the fantastic K'NEX swag that I was sent:

As soon as the box made it through our door {thankfully after the lovely delivery guy carried it in for me - that box was heavy}, Little Man had the Lincoln Log bucket in his hands and asking to play.  He absolutely loved the Lincoln Logs Redfield Ranch, especially the cowboy, horse, and water trough.  Little Man also was super smitten by the gate opening and closing to keep the horse inside the fence.

Little Man's favorite!
The real test - however - was when DH came home later that night.  It was basically all I could do to keep him from opening every.single.set we were given all at once to play.  When we did open another set {I'm keeping him at one open set at a time!}, I was completely in awe of how fantastically intricate of a structure you could create with the K'NEX pieces - which consist of mainly rods, connectors, and other detailed pieces.

What DH decided to build - the Typhoon Frenzy Roller Coaster
As opposed to some of the other building toys on the market where your end products are finite, I can say as a speech therapist that the K'NEX products provide almost infinite designs and are fantastic for developing your child's skills in visual-spatial areas, fine motor development, perspective, and creativity - to mention a few.  I cannot wait for our children to grow old enough to play and learn with such fantastic toys!

In the mean time, you all know the K'NEX toys will see some definite love from DH!

One thing that I immensely appreciate about the K'NEX company is their environmentally friendly methods.  As a parent, I'm frequently looking for toys that not only stimulate my children's learning and development -  but also protect the world they'll live in long after their ages of playing with toys are gone.  I can't say it any better than they already have expressed, so here's a quote from their website:

"The Rodon Group is committed to environmental sustainability. The company's green initiatives make it a leader in the plastics industry. Its manufacturing process minimizes packaging, transportation costs, waste, water consumption and energy. Consider this example: in manufacturing just one of the more than 600 unique K'NEX parts, The Rodon Group recycles enough cardboard to save 300 cubic yards of landfill space, the equivalent of three football fields!"

How fantastic is that, right?  The K'NEX company also manufactures their products IN the United States as well!  Definitely a company that I can get behind.  If you're looking for an amazing learning toy that can provide hours {oooh yes, I can attest to that} of enjoyment for your children - and your spouse! - then you might consider taking a second look at K'NEX this holiday season at your local Toys"R"Us store!

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