Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Happy Early Thanksgiving Friends!

So this week, we're off to head down south for Thanksgiving with family.  We're planning to spend the holiday in warm {well, warmer} weather for a few days, maybe hit up the beach, relax a little, and try to wrangle two littles throughout two 14 hour drives and probably after very little sleep as I think we'll all be in the same room.

Wish us luck?

I am so, so excited though that I'll get to see a few of my lovely lady friends in addition to our family while we're there as well - Heidi from The Pajama Mama & MJ from Daisy & June.  Can.not.wait.

In the meantime, I may highlight a few of my old posts over on the Facebook page and add in one or two new posts pre-scheduled.  Because of the trip though, Thursday's Tips & Tricks post {about pre-cooking breakfasts to get you out the door in the morning!} and Secondhand Sunday will be postponed until next week.  You can also find me over on my Instagram account, where I'll be posting photos throughout the trip!  See you all soon & I'll be back in action when we get home!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

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