Wednesday, October 9, 2013

In Natural Harmony Infant Massage Review!

* I received services in exchange for this post but the opinions in this post are all my own!  Besides, you all know I'm a sucker for supporting fantastic women-run small businesses!!! :)

Recently I was able to sit down and chat with a fantastic resource for the Indianapolis area, Tahwii of In Natural Harmony.  If you haven't heard about the company and you're in the area, it's a need-to-know resource for parents and babies.  You name it in terms of birthing - In Natural Harmony does it.  Doula services, hypnobirthing, birth pool rental, concierge services, infant massage, child development classes, Reiki - the whole nine.

So when Tahwii offered to come teach me a little bit about infant massage with Little Lady, I was super excited to jump on the opportunity.

As part of INH's services, Tahwii came out to our home and gave me a private, one-on-one course in our own living room with no pressure to cart the kids somewhere or coordinate nap times.  When Tahwii arrived, it was immediately apparent that she is excellent at her job in the ways that are most important when caring for a birthing mother.  First and foremost, she was calm - and calming.  No matter how many toys Little Man brought over to us, how many times Little Lady rolled over or crawled away, or how often we stopped for a diaper change or potty break - Tahwii was relaxed, understanding, and flexible.  As a mother who has birthed twice already, I know that those qualities are necessary in a birth support person - as you so strongly need that person in the room who seemingly has everything under control and can guide you through the process as easily as possible.

Guys.  Those rolls!  I just can't handle how fantastic Little Lady's legs are!!!
While we were actually completing the massage, Tahwii was also knowledgeable and extremely comfortable with Little Lady.  She not only led us through a session of infant massage for Little Lady, but gave me multiple tips and information for Little Man as well.

I know that right after both of our children were born - we took frequent postpartum herbal baths.  Not only were those baths beneficial to our babies and I physically, but they were fantastic at increasing our connection to each other and the love from mother to child.  If were are able to have more children, I will definitely be using the infant massage techniques I learned as I'm positive they are just as bonding as the herbal baths we took.  Especially since in that stage of parenthood, anything that promotes quiet, calm moments between you and your baby is a huge win!

If you're looking for not only a provider of assistance in birthing, but also a resource in our local community - please check out Tahwii from In Natural Harmony!!!

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  1. I recieved a Reiki session from Tahwii a fee weeks ago. Your absolutely right about her. She is very calming and understanding. I live three states away but she was still able to tell me specific areas in which I was having trouble and give me solutions. Whenever I do decide to start a family I will definitely take advantage of her services. Thanks again Tahwii!


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