Monday, October 21, 2013

I'm going on vacation for a quick minute - but of the blogging kind.

During the past few weeks, I've been having trouble keeping up.  I'd already written about it here, but read a few things this weekend that changed my mind about how I've been approaching how many things have been on my plate lately.

The first sign I saw was on one of my local blogging boards.  One of the local bloggers in my area posted about how she was taking a "fall break" for a few weeks, but in addition to that she was encouraging other bloggers to join her in a break - to recharge, refresh, and come back renewed with a clear head and better content.

The second was a blog post written by another blogger about how blogging is cyclical and why it's important to take an intentional break from blogging every so often, for many reasons.

So, I've decided to give myself an break for a little while.  We have a few things starting up at home and with the kids, I have a bazillion things to do around the house that I haven't been keeping up with as well as I'd like, and basically - I need to sleep a little more.  Little Lady has been going through a stage I'd most correctly describe as awake and Little Man has been going through a cycle best described as loud, lol - and my day times and night times recently have been full of cuddles, requests, reading stories, rocking, playing outside, and just about anything that doesn't lend to productivity.

Which is just fine.

But then I feel guilty about throwing something together that my heart isn't into when it's in those late hours of the night when I finally have a few moments.  I've written over 10 or 15 half posts that I get partially into and then stop, only because something comes up that I need to attend to first.  By the time I sit back down, I have often lost the writing mindset or it's too late to continue anyway.

I have so many posts that I've half written, that I want to write, that I've mentioned I will be writing.

But - they're going to have to wait - because I'm giving myself an intentional blogging break for a few weeks.

I haven't determined when exactly I'll be back, but when I am, I have some great stuff in store for you all.  I have had several reader requests for posts about nursing while babywearing, our car seat review of Little Lady's new seat, and a few other posts.  I also have a few updates on the babies that I want to share including a few things our family has done recently - and if you follow on social media, of course all about my new haircut!  In addition to that I have an amber necklace giveaway coming up for you that I am really excited to get posted, plus a few other lovely things I have up my sleeve.

While I'm out I will still try to answer pressing messages and I will for sure be following up on a few loose ends for some of my ladies currently still waiting on giveaway products to be delivered, but I won't be putting new content up on the blog for a short time and will be interacting and posting a little less on social media.

So I promise I will be back soon, but as for now, it's time for a little vacation.  I'll see you all soon!

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  1. Sometimes you really do just need a break! I took one last week unintentionally. Now I am catching up, but my usual amount of posts won't be up until next week, because I have to work on that content now. There is so much work that goes into blogging, and trying to juggle it with other things can be so hard! I just put up a post about what forced me to take a blogging break in case you want some reading material!


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