Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fall love.

I am so, so glad that fall is here.

Not that I have anything against summer, because I love the warm temperatures and playing outside and splashing around in the baby pool with the kids.  But after a few months of the heat and humidity, I'm just done with summer.

This time last year, I was 6 months pregnant, just waiting for Little Lady to grow a little more until she decided to join us during the holidays.  I'd been listening to Christmas music for months already at that point, but the turning of the leaves and cool temperatures prompted me to turn on Pandora Christmas music almost 24/7.  Even now, hearing a few of the classics reminds me exactly of that time, just waiting for the fall, the holidays, and then her arrival.

This year, we've been enjoying every bit of the weather and the scenery, like when we went pumpkin and apple picking last weekend:

Little Lady was maybe not so pleased with the tractor :)
I will definitely continue to love the apple cider, the pumpkin everything, and the crisp leaves for as long as I can this year!

How is your family celebrating the fall?

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