Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Date night!

Up until a few months ago, DH and I had been out on a total of like 1.5 dates since our kids were born... which means we averaged just barely more than one date per year.  Yikes.

The past few months, however, have been a completely different scenario.  Since we found our new childcare provider {who is absolutely fantastic} we've been able to go out once per month on a kid-free, only DH and I, totally real-person date.

Like to a restaurant.  By ourselves.  To eat a real meal.  

I mean, it's different than going out on a date pre-kids.  Instead of planning all day about what we'd do, getting all decked out in a fancy outfit, or spending a bunch of time on my hair and make-up - I check the mirror to make sure I'm not covered in spit-up and we decide where we'll go on the way in the car.  While we're out, I constantly check our monitor to make sure everyone's sleeping and worry maybe if either child wakes that they'll be upset when it's not me who comes to get them.

But then they don't wake while we're gone.

And I get to spend even a few short hours with the man that I love who makes this life so wonderful and who created these beautiful children and this fantastic life with me.

And it's wonderful.

Sometimes, it's not even anything crazy romantic that we're doing.  Last date, we stopped by the grocery store for Little Man's probiotics before we got dinner, which - you know - is obviously swoon worthy.

But it's still really good.  I don't think I realized how much it would help DH and I both as individual people and as a couple to actually have a little time to ourselves, but it really does.  I am so, so glad we're able to take this time to have time with each other again.

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  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean! C and I have been on one date since Sydney was born and she is 4. Even then we waited until S was asleep and then we went out. I worried about her waking up and wanting me the entire time we were gone,but she didn't even get up once. We are in need of another date night soon!lol


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