Thursday, September 26, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 35 - Slow Cooker Liners

Earlier this week I posted on the blog about how we've started monthly crock pot cooking, which has been fantastic so far!  A few hours of cooking for an entire month's worth of meals - with no time spent each day thinking about what I'm going to serve for dinner or trying to wrangle two small children while cooking?

Sign me up.

However, one thing about crock pot cooking that I absolutely despise is the clean-up.  Sure, it's just one pot - and how hard can that be?  Well... it's only one simple, easy pot until you consider how long the food has been able to sit and bake onto the bottom and sides.

Baked-in food on our slow cooker has to be one of my least favorite cleaning jobs in the whole house, because it takes forever and I never feel like it gets as clean as I'd like it to be - until I found slow cooker liners.

You all know I'm pretty crunchy.  I try to use as few plastic products as possible to decrease our waste, and I'm conscious about our environmental footprint.  But the battle of scrubbing my crock pot is just not one I'm wiling to fight every day of the monthly crock pot challenge, leading to our use of liners.

{Health-wise, slow cooker liners are made of similar material to an oven bag used for cooking turkey or other items, are approved by the FDA for food use, and are BPA free if you're using the Reynold's brand like we do!}

If you've never used a slow cooker liner, it's basically just a thin piece of plastic you place in the crock pot prior to adding your food.  The liner acts as a barrier between the pot and the food, so any gunk you have that gets baked into the bottom and sides of the pot is baked onto the liner and not your pot.

crock pot life hack kitchen solutions

DH claims that he can get the liner not to leak at all because he doesn't stir very much when food is in the pot, but I'm an impatient crock pot cook and stir a few times a day as I'm running past the kitchen with the kids.  Typically, I do see a few leaks from the bottom of the liner, but most of the time it is just liquids.  In that case, I can just give the pot a quick wash with soap and water and the mess is completely gone with the pot being ready for the next day's meal.

It's as easy and as simple as that!

Have you ever used a slow cooker liner?

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  1. I had no idea these existed and now will have to buy them, thank lol. Also I never stir the crockpot, are you supposed to?

  2. This may have been assumed, but I didn't think of this until I read through all the links you put in your previous Crockpot entry (and their links they put in their blogs...) so I wanted to share:
    "One reader suggested putting the dinners into crock pot liners and then into the freezer bag."
    Genius!! Like I said, I really would not have thought of that until I read it and maybe you put that in your blog already, but I missed it.


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