Thursday, September 12, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 33 - Buy a Top Loading Washer

One of our first purchases in our new home was a washer and dryer set.

We'd just barely moved when we picked out a brand new, gorgeous set of front-loaders.  And man - they had everything.

Steam.  Sanitize.  High Efficiency.  Wrinkle Shield.

It had everything I thought I wanted in a washer and dryer.  And they were awesome, until the newness wore off a bit.

Well.  They still are awesome.


There are a ton of things that I don't like about front-loading washers.  And a few of them have pushed me over the edge into deciding for sure that our next pair {hopefully many years down the line} will be top loaders again.

For starters, if you're using the fact that a washer is high-efficiency as a criteria for buying a front loader - you may want to take that out of the equation.  You can find a top loader that is a high efficiency as well, from many different brands.

Also, let's talk about things being dirty.  But for the moment, I'm not talking about the clothes - I'm talking about the washer.  Because if you don't sanitize the actual front loading washer every month or two and wipe down the door seal every time or every few times you wash your clothing in it - your washer is going to smell like the funk and grow some pretty icky stuff.

Another thing that I don't really love is the soak setting.  Our front loader does soak.  But in my opinion as someone who washes cloth diapers at least two times per week, I don't feel like it soaks as well as I would like it to soak.

And, last but hugely not least, would be the actual logistics of moving the laundry back and forth.  If you have a top loader, you can lift items out of the top and move them one by one or by large bunches into the dryer.  If an item falls out of the bunch of wet clothing in a top loader, it just falls directly back into the washer with the rest of the clean clothes.

But if an item falls out of the washer when you are moving it from a front loading washer to a front loading dryer?  It hits the floor.  Every.single.time.

I don't know about you, but I'm not a huge fan of all of my clean clothing immediately falling on the floor.  Especially since our laundry room floor is where our dog eats.  And where everyone's shoes shoes get kicked after we come in the back door.  So yeah.  It's really clean down there.

Overall, front loaders are still really fantastic machines.  And I do love the sanitize cycle.  But there are a ton of things about the machine that I'd like to be different.

Just because a new front loading washer looks all schnazzy wonderful, if you love the top loader you're using now or want to consider a HE machine that is also a top loader, I'd highly recommend sticking with that.

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  1. one tip for the smell that my mom made us do with hers: leave the washer door open after you do a load, it lets it air out and keeps it from getting moldy. I agree with your tip though, my husband and I bought a top loader when we bought ours because I always hated my mom's front loader! I'm excited to use it for cloth diapers in a couple of months when our little guy gets here!

  2. Thank you for confirming my thoughts that top loaders are better. I have always used a top loader. We need a new washer and I was looking at front loaders and they just don't seem pratical to me.


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