Monday, September 23, 2013

So I think I'm finally hitting that point of parenting - and layingdown some ground rules

The past few weeks have been, you know, short.

The days have been short and the time has moved quickly.  Up until now I've felt really with it, like I've been able to keep up with everything.  I've been keeping up with the kids, the house, the laundry, the cleaning, working, tot school, the blog, a social calendar, the babywearing educating, my mom groups - everything.

But then all of a sudden it's two in the morning and I'm still sitting here on the computer trying to formulate a coherent thought after being up all night with Little Lady who is rather sadly teething her sixth tooth and greatly feeling it.  Looking around, there's clothes waiting to be put away, dishes still sitting out, toys laying around.  The house is still, but the remainder of the day is still present.

It's lucky, really, the chaos of this beautiful life.

And while every thread of my normal self wants to run around the room like a crazy person - picking up this here and straightening that there - I'm not.  For once, I'm just leaving it be.

I think every parent experiences this at some point and honestly I'm sort of shocked it took me over two and a half years and two children to get here, but I'm finally here.  There's just so much sometimes, I mean I could never sleep and still wouldn't be finished with everything.  I could, and have been, not only burning the candle at both ends - but probably also scorching it from the sides as well.  Staying up all night long finishing things or being up with Little Lady.  Being on all day, as the kids have staggered naps lately where someone is always awake.  Trying to finish not only our day to day things but also new projects like re-doing some of our furniture pieces and re-organizing some of our less functional rooms.

It's to that point - that point where I need to step back a little.

I know, you're probably reading this and thinking you've heard that tale so many times from a mom blogger.  Right?  Well, this doesn't mean I'm going to stop blogging.  I just may set a few better rules for myself.  Like, sleeping.  And, you know, giving myself a little a slack.

One of the biggest lessons I think any parent has to learn is where their give is.  Or, in my case, when they need to give.

So here goes, these are my rules.  If I don't stick to them, I seriously want you all to remind me and make me remember that I need to - that I'm only good to my family when I take care of myself.

1. Go to bed.  

After eleven at night, I need to be in bed.  And that means, no tv or playing on my phone - just sleeping or at least trying.

2. Don't try to take on a million things.  

If I haven't finished all of our normal stuff then I shouldn't be doing anything more.  Our drawers can get organized another day, the chairs can wait to get painted on another day, and the basement will get cleaned out sometime in this lifetime, but if there is a pile of laundry in the living room or the floors haven't been cleaned in a while - that's the priority.

3. Get up at an earlier hour.

I'm not talking about being up at 6a.  But since my kids sleep in sometimes until 9 or 10a, it doesn't hurt any of us if I'm setting an alarm for 8- even if I've been up half the night.  It gives me a little time to get dressed, eat some breakfast, and get ready for the day.  If I don't take that little amount of time for myself, by the time we're done with breakfast and morning routines for the kids and I can get myself ready, we're close to being into first nap territory and nothing gets done.

4. But give yourself permission to nap.  Really, it's okay.

Because sometimes there are those days where it's better for all involved when everyone has a moment to recharge if naps line up just so.

and finally...

5. Start taking walks again.

I've been slacking on this one, but getting everyone outside and taking a nice long walk really helps us all to feel better.  I love getting some fresh air.  Little Lady's favorite place to be is cuddled up in a sling or carrier when I'm moving around.  Little Man loves seeing the animals we pass at the farms in our area, watching all the cars go by, and stopping at the park on the way home.  It's a win for all involved, and I need to be doing that more.

So, there it is.  You all are going to have to keep me honest, but I'm totally in need of starting to follow these rules.

Anyone else want in on this with me?  Have any rules you need to add for yourself?

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  1. Very nice rules! You have to take care of your self before you can take care of anyone else.

    I have been trying to set rules like those myself. I recently became a stay at home mom and it has taken some adjustment not having such a set schedule suddenly. My big thing was I started staying up waaay too late; 1 a.m and past.

    So I will join you about going to bed and getting up earlier. I get so much more accomplished if I'm up by 8 or 8:30.

    Thanks for the reminders! (And now you have convinced me to go to bed instead of writing the blog post I was going to. It can wait till the morning!)


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