Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Norwex Review!

A few weeks ago, I was on our local news station to highlight a green cleaning company - Norwex.  A local representative, Angie, sat down with me and chatted about the products, and I'd love to share her answers to my questions with you!

1.  What is Norwex?

Norwex is the new way to clean!  The company focuses on cleaning without chemicals. Pretty smart, right?  Norwex all began with ONE cloth - the Envirocloth which is a microfiber cloth spun with microsilver. It's the "everything" cloth for all purpose cleaning. It is a high quality micro fiber traps in the dirt, grease and grime, while the micro silver technology goes to work inhibiting bacteria, mold and virus growth. No more stinky cloths and no more chemicals.  

Cleaning with Norwex products will save you TIME, MONEY, HEALTH and the ENVIRONMENT!

2.  How did you discover the company?

A family friend asked (read begged) me to have a Norwex party for her.  I did NOT want to do it, I was very happy with my vinegar and essential oil mixtures I had been using for the last couple of years.  But feeling obligated and a bit intrigued, I finally agreed to host a demo and I’m SO happy I did.  Norwex has changed my life, made my home healthier and has made this momma happier knowing that I’m not introducing harmful chemicals to my munchkins.

3.  What made you become a consultant?

I knew that the ‘would you like to be a consultant?’ pitch was coming after my show, in fact, even before the show started I had my ‘thanks but no thanks’ response ready to go.  However, after seeing the Norwex products in action, I realized it was time for another plan -- because I was SO excited about Norwex that I actually wanted to share it with other people!

Norwex has been around for 30 years, but it has only been in the U.S. since 2011 - so it has been really exciting to introduce others to it and help them realize that you really CAN clean WITHOUT harmful chemicals!

4.  What is your favorite product?

 Picking just one favorite product is tough -- but my top 3 are:

  1. The Envirocloth - It is amazing how it really does pick up EVERYTHING off the surface and locks it into the core of the cloth without cross-contaminating surfaces.  And yes, you really CAN use it for everything...mirrors, shower stalls, cars, walls, toys, tables, countertops and more!
  2. Enviro Mop System - It’s a big envirocloth for your floors, what isn’t there to love about that.  My floors have never felt SO clean.  No smudgy footprints, no sticky chemical reside.  Love it!
  3. Cleaning Paste - I may need to coin this product as the “son saver” because it quickly and easily took my 3-year old son’s marker “art project” right off the wall...and left the paint right where it should be!

5.  Since this business is new to many of my readers, where can we find you?  

I’d love to connect and introduce you to the wonderful world of Norwex!  Let’s connect:
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If you haven't already checked out Angie's Norwex Products, definitely give them a try - We're LOVING them here in the Naptown Organizer Household!

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