Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Joovy Boob Bottle Review!

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Recently I had the excellent opportunity to try out the full line of the Joovy Boob bottles.

Joovy baby bottle boob review

I mean, really.  The bottles are named Boob.  Is there anything cooler than that name?  I think not.

The Boob bottles are an upscale version of the baby bottle, offering their CleanVent system, new nipple design, and the possibility of using just about a million corresponding accessories.  The new nipple design is made to be more like a breast with a larger base and longer nipple.  And the CleanVent system is awesome, as it's just a simple circular plastic piece fitting inside the lid of the bottle.

We've previously used a bottle system with a vent on the bottom of the bottle, leading often to leaking and spilled milk.  And with how hard I work to make that milk, I'm not interested in losing any!  So we're loving the no-leak Boob bottles!

Additionally, as I mentioned above - there are about a million accessories.  This includes an insulator {to either keep bottles warmer for longer or keep frozen milk from thawing for longer}, four different nipple sizes {slow flow, medium flow, fast flow, and X cut - my favorite as a speech pathologist who loves a standard cross cut nipple for thickened feedings}, breast pump adapters {which we will for sure use in the car on our way to DH's parents' home later this year}, bottle caps, & bottle and nipple brushes.

Joovy baby bottle boob review

My kids typically have had no problem whatsoever with taking a bottle and have never refused bottles, so when trying out the Boob bottle system with Little Lady - it did not surprise me that she just took right to them, drank her freezer stash milk, and was on her way back to playing.

If you're in the market for a new bottle system - definitely check out the Boob bottles from Joovy!

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