Monday, September 30, 2013

Halloween costumes!

I'm the type of mom {and person} who likes things matchy matchy.

I know this is like the ultimate fashion don't, but I love it.  I like my clothing and accessories to match and I really love it when I can dress the kids in similar looking outfits and coordinate them to the adorable maximum possible.

As it's often really hard to find matching outfits for our kids since we have one boy and one girl, I can't wait for this Halloween, where the possibilities are endless.

We already had a Tigger costume at home for Little Man from an awesome hand-me-down, so this year all I needed was a costume for Little Lady.  After shopping around, I found a gently loved Piglet costume for less than $10, and we are all set!

I seriously cannot wait for the cuteness that is about to ensue in these costumes.  Now, if I could only convince DH that we need to wear coordinating costumes...

Have you planned your children's Halloween costumes yet?

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