Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cora, the beautiful child who is changing lives.

So I've been following this blog for a long time.  It's one of those blogs that, when you read, it just connects with something so deeply in your soul that the other person's hurts hurt you, and their celebrations make you want to cheer out loud.  One of those writers who you literally want to crawl through the computer to reach to hold so tightly on those tough days so you can cry together.  One of those people that you feel like you know, even though you've never met.

Well, recently, I was able to meet that writer, Kristine - at an amazing event she threw in Chicago.  And she is just as fantastic as I had envisioned she'd be, so sweet and such a beautiful person.  After I probably made a total fool introducing myself and got over my bit of starstruck, I was able to spend some time enjoying, learning, and celebrating at her event - The Baby Ladies Blogger Baby Shower.  Because both Kristine and her daughter Cora are doing some fantastic things, and you need to hear about them.

The fantastic shower location
Kristine, Emily, and Christa {better known as The Baby Ladies} teamed up this year to host the Blogger Baby Shower.  An event with fantastic company, excellent food, really awesome product demos and giveaways - but the most important part was the hugely important message they're trying to spread:

Newborn screening awareness.

The Baby Ladies teamed up with the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation to holler out the good word about helping to save lives by newborn screening.  As a speech pathologist, I've been familiar with newborn screenings for years, especially as I watched my audiologist co-workers head off to the nursery and NICU to complete hearing screenings.  These newborn screenings are important even way beyond learning how a child hears - they're literally saving lives.

Here in my home state of Indiana?  Kristine and her beautiful angel Cora have saved many.  Because of Cora's Story, Kristine literally changed the law in Indiana.  Due to all of her hard work and determination, as of January 2012 every child born in the state of Indiana is screened with a simple, non-invasive pulse oximetry test.  This test is basically a little tab or sticker taped onto a child's foot typically, that measures their oxygenation.  Such a simple, easy test can help to diagnose congenital heart defects, and save the lives of the children who have them.

If you are pregnant or plan to have future children, please look up the type of newborn screening completed in your state.  If your state doesn't provide pulse oximetry testing {some do not, although there are many working hard to see that eventually all babies will receive this screening}, I highly recommend asking your medical staff to complete a pulse ox test on your child before leaving the hospital.

Do you remember what screenings were completed on your children at the hospital?

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  1. Jane, I just saw this today, and of course I'm setting her with glossy eyes. You are one of the sweetest most beautiful people ever--inside and out.


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