Wednesday, September 4, 2013

And the Survey Says!

First of all, THANK YOU ALL so much for responding to and answering my survey!

{If you haven't taken it yet, I'm planning on leaving it open for a bit longer - you can find it here!}

The results were both exactly what I had expected and totally not what I'd expected, so I'm really glad I decided to survey and you all were so lovely enough to take the time and answer my questions!  First off, I was really happy to see and impressed at my awesome readers that there were absolutely no hate-mail responses.  When you open yourself up anonymously on the internet for feedback about yourself and what you do - I feel like it's often opening the door for a verbal assault.  Absolutely none of your responses were anywhere near that, and even those that offered suggestions were really kind and very helpful to me!  Whew.

But let's start with a few of the responses that I completely expected.  Like this one, where I asked if the respondents were male or female:

Lol.  Or this response, when I asked your ages:

Or even this one, when I asked how many children you all have:

If you look over those charts, from the data compiled - 100% of the survey respondents were female, over 75% of you are aged 25-34, and over 90% of you have children.  So, basically... you're me.

I had pretty much expected similar results in those areas, because I do write a ton about pregnancy, parenting, and my babies - as well as the habits and products that make our lives a little easier.  It makes sense that ladies in a similar life-stage would keep coming back - just like I read other mommy blogs because I can relate.  I try as hard as I can to be active throughout TNO's social media {even though this is a blog} to chat with you and not at you from my blog posts, as my ultimate goal is to create our own little community of support through the blog.  It's really lovely that a lot of us are here for the same reasons!

So let's get to the areas that I didn't necessarily expect, like how many of you have found the blog through Facebook, and how many of you access my posts through Facebook.

Seeing as how Facebook only selectively shares posts {most times with under half of you actually seeing any given post I publish on TNO FB page}, I was surprised to see how many of you come over to the blog that way.  The other majority of readers who responded, as you can see from the graph, use a reader of some sort.

As a follower of a massive amount of blogs, I use a reader to do so {Bloglovin'}, and would highly recommend it if anyone is interested.  While I don't want to sway anyone from using Facebook - as I love the conversations we're all able to have on the page - following by a reader like Bloglovin' or any other ensures that you'll actually see each post after it publishes.  If you only follow on Facebook, the chances are you're missing over half of what I'm posting if you rely on your news feed to update you, and that makes me a sad panda.

The rest of the questions basically told me you like giveaways {only three people responded they didn't like them at all or they thought I should do less, which was like less than 1% of the respondents} and that you all like to read about everything {almost every topic I listed as a choice for your favorite content was even}.

I was, however, somewhat surprised that so many of you chose your favorite content to be stories about my kids - making it the second most popular choice.  I have tried to stay away in the recent months from too many posts about my kids as I didn't want you all to feel like I'm spamming you with a million pictures of Little Lady's smile or Little Man being a snuggly little bear.  I obviously love the heck out of both of them and could spam you to the high heavens with all of the cute they provide in my household. {I won't!  Well, at least not to the high heavens...}  But it's good to hear that you all like to read those posts and I can write a little more about them without feeling like you all would be on a TNO baby overload.

The last part of the survey was filled with your comments, and this by and far was the most helpful to me out of all of the questions I asked.  Many of you asked questions, gave extremely valuable suggestions, and offered so much support and love for what I do here.

Thank you.

In the upcoming weeks, I'll try to answer all of those questions that you asked in posts of their own, so stay tuned to see!

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