Monday, August 12, 2013

We have a fence!!!

For those of you who don't care at all about blogging - thanks for hanging around this past week or two.  I've been a little bit excited about my recent trip to Chicago!  But, since we're back to our regularly scheduled programming around here, I thought I'd let you guys know what happened at our house while I was gone.

{Well, other than DH holding his own and letting me enjoy the conference mostly worry free while he was in SAH Daddy mode all week long.  You know - which may have involved some tv.  Lol.}


New fence installed

We got a fence!!!!

Guys, this is like epic-crazy-win in the land of parenting.

Since we live on a lake {ahem, retention pond} lot in our neighborhood, I'm always freaking out about playing outside.  Whenever we're outside, I may as well have Little Man on a leash, because he knows he's not to step more than like three feet away from me at any time for fear that somehow he'll end up falling into the water.

This past week since I've been back?

Feet up, lounging in a lawn chair while Little Lady plays with her rocking chair toys and Little Man "mows" every inch of the grass in the backyard.

New fence installed

I'm telling you - this is changing my life as a parent.

Some of you may have seen my previous post a month or two ago with our to-do list for the summer/fall.  If you noticed from that post - a fence was NOT on the list.  Putting in the fence was definitely something we had future plans to do, but it was not in the cards for us this year.  However, after realizing just how much work it was to really keep an eye on two little ones at the same time in our backyard the fence bumped up to the top of our priority list.  {Which may change the priority/possibility of a few things in my to-do post, but alas, such is life.  When someone else finds that elusive money tree, let me know, lol.}

New fence installed

The fence was supposed to have been completed almost three weeks prior to when it was actually finished due to the company being behind, but again... such is life.  I'm just so thankful that it even was a possibility to be completed this summer, as it is making my life so.much.easier.

Even though the summer is mostly over {as in, why are so many children back in school already?  My heart aches thinking my kids would go back to school before the month of July is even over!}, we are going to so enjoy the tail end of the warm weather and early fall by getting outside as much as we possibly can.

And for stopping by the blog, here's a little sibling love to warm your heart :)

New fence installed Sibling love

Anyone else make any major changes to their home this summer?  Anything you still plan on doing this summer or fall?

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  1. fences give such peace of mind and your's is beautiful as well. Enjoy the freedom!

  2. I l-o-v-e having a fenced-in back yard, especially since I'm pregnant. My toddler can run around like a wild animal while I park myself in a lawn chair.

    As for home improvement projects, we're getting our house ready to go on the market. Hubs is painting the front porch tomorrow (if I'm not busy giving birth) and we hope to have a new roof put on in the next month!

  3. I don't know what I'd do without a fence! And yours is pretty too. :)

  4. How awesome! My little guy loves to "mow" the yard, too.

  5. Jealous! I wish we could have a fence but budget and neighborhood stipulations, ya know.

  6. It's so pretty!! (as far as fences go)

    I wish we could have a fence- we are on a pond....but alas the HOA has feelings on that. I'm just relieved that my kids are old enough not to fall in, and if they did, they can swim!

  7. I'm all for anything that gets the kids outdoors more! Looks like you have a beautiful backyard!


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