Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 31 - Wash yourself with hair! {Wait, did I really just write that???}

You know that crunchy part of me that wants to wear birkenstocks and live on a commune?  I'm channeling that girl for today's tips & tricks post.

Yep.  I'm going there.  A little backstory first, though:

Earlier this year, a few friends of mine from various locations got together for an Elfster gift exchange.  If you're unfamiliar with an Elfster, it's where you sign up to send a friend a gift and receive a gift from a friend in sort of a virtual secret Santa set up.  For this specific Elfster, we decided to make it a state-themed ordeal, sending our elf items that were local to our state.

{No, I didn't send my elf corn.  But I thought about it.}

I was lucky enough to have been selected as the always absolutely hilarious and amazing Kate's elf.  She sent me a plethora of cool stuff from her home state of the lovely New Jersey {which is also where DH is from!}, but was really thoughtful to make it nice and dirty hippie for me - the best gifts to receive!  Seriously.  If you ever have the inclination to send a gift along my way?  Dirty hippie stuff is the way to go.  ;)

In the package of amazing I received from Kate back in February though, was something I'd never heard of before - and it was actually quite shocking to me...

Yes.  That really is a big bar of furry, felted soap in my shower.

After DH's initial reaction of "What the heck IS THAT THING and why is it in the shower?", I talked him through all the details of my new furry buddy and why he'd be staying in our shower for the long run.  Which leads me to Tip # 31:

The specific brand of felted soap I received was alpaca fur wrapped, and boasts some rather lovely benefits.  Since using felted soap, I have been able to drop my use of exfoliators on my face/body down to once every week to every few weeks, as the felted soap naturally exfoliates your skin.  I've noticed that it really helps the outside of my upper arm areas, which tend to get really bumpy, for whatever reason. 

Because of how the felted soap works, you don't need a loofah, washcloth, scrubber, or anything else besides your bar of soap.  It's also a ton easier for Little Man to hold than regular soap, because it grips instead of slides right out of his hands.  {I've heard it works the same with arthritic hands, but I don't currently have any trouble with arthritis.} 

One of the biggest reasons I loooooooove our felted soap is how long it lasts.  You heard me mention above that I received this as a gift in February, right?  Well, the picture I took above was from THIS WEEK and the soap has only decreased in size by about half since when I initially began using it.  So, if it continues on same trend of longevity, this one bar of soap could last me for an entire year. 

That's a long time for one bar of soap!  

If you haven't tried felted soap - which I'm guessing applies to most, if not all, of you - I'd definitely recommend trying it out and adding it to your natural skin care routines!  

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  1. Amazing. I book marked that brand so I remember to send a Christmas gift to my sister-in-law.


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