Thursday, August 22, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 30 - Clean Up Your Crafts!!!

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When my friend Nicole @ The Kavanaugh Report posted her "Confessions of a Tot School Mom" earlier this week, I totally realized I needed to get my act together and organize my crafts as well.  Because - even though I love organization - my craft and art supplies for Little Man have been a bit all over the place in recent days.

Due to a much busier schedule this month which included working a bunch of weekdays for a retiring coworker, I've slacked a little on keeping our kitchen clean and free of craft items.  Most days, after completing an art project, everything just got chucked on top of our fridge the past few weeks in an attempt to get it out of the way before we were on to the next thing or out the door.

Which led to this:

craft organization, art project organization, art cabinet, craft shelf

And, yes.  That pile of junk was basically yelling at me every single time I passed to get it under control.  The other day, I finally obliged.

Instead of just dumping all of our craft projects on top of the refrigerator, I took it just a few steps further, which led to:

craft and art organization, kitchen organization, kitchen clutter

Going into this project, I knew I wanted a few simple things.  I knew I wanted the mess cleaned up.  I knew I wanted the top of our fridge to return to it's empty state {minus my coupon folder - that is it's forever home!}.  And I knew I didn't want to spend any money and complete this project for free.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, it actually was.  Since our main craft area tends to be the kitchen table, I knew for certain that our craft and art supplies needed to stay in the kitchen.  After I finally clear off and sell our old wine rack {that matches our old table - which I sold when I painted our new chalkboard paint table}, I have grand plans to buy an old kitchen hutch and re-paint it to use for storage.  Maybe something like this?

Found at
However, in the meantime, I needed a solution.  Since our pantry is mainly full without a ton of extra space beyond our food, I knew that the only closed space left was to actually use a cabinet.  After finagling around some casserole dishes, I landed upon an open portion of one of our lower cabinets between the fridge and oven that hadn't seen a ton of use.  Here's what I came up with:

craft and art storage and organization

Much better, right?

What I love the most about this solution {well, besides for the fact that the top of my fridge is now squeaky clean again} is that it puts craft and art projects back in Little Man's control.  The cabinet is child-locked, but once I open it, he can pick out anything he wants from his own area at his height level - thus eliminating my standing on a chair saying, "This one?  No?  Hmm, how about this one?  No?" as I point to different Crayola boxes for ten minutes each time.  He can walk right up to what he wants, take it out, and bring it over to the table to get started.  Perfection.

If you're looking to re-organize your child's crafts or art supplies - try your luck at finding space IN your space first, prior to running out and buying some sort of a system to keep it organized for you.  There are most always cheap, easy, and simple fixes to your organizational problems!!!

How do you organize your child's crafts or art supplies?

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