Thursday, August 8, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 29 - Easy tips to swallow medications

As a licensed speech language pathologist, a common question I hear from people of all ages {including parents of younger children all the way up to my elderly clients} is how to swallow medications or pills easily.

It seems as if many people have trouble either swallowing medication themselves or teaching their children to swallow medication in pill form, but I have a few easy tips to help with getting those important medications down!

How to swallow pill medications

For starters - if you have a hard time taking medications in pill form, you need to practice!  In order to practice taking your medications, I highly recommend finding candy in the size and shape of the medication you need to take.  Things like Tic Tacs, Good N' Plenty, or even Spree candies can at times mimic the shape and size of some of the medications you'll take.  When you're practicing with these candies, you can take the time you need to get it swallowed whole without either overdosing yourself or having that nasty dissolving medication taste in your mouth.

When you are practicing, here are a few tips you can try:

- Don't tip your head back!  If anything, lean forward and tilt the chin down slightly.

- Place the medication on the middle to back of your tongue, where it will have less distance to travel.

- Try using counter pressure/tactile sensation of pressing your fingertips slightly on your lips in order to elicit a swallow.

- Try standing up as opposed to sitting down when you're taking your medications.

- Change the liquid you're using {For example, using soda instead of water}

- Try taking the medications with a pudding or puree such as applesauce where the medication will stick inside the solid and be easier to swallow in most cases.

Definitely try out these simple little tricks at home and let me know if they work for you!

Do you have difficulty taking your medications?  What tricks have helped you the most?

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  1. Thanks...I will print this out and give it to Grandma.


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