Thursday, August 1, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 28 - Double bag your cans!

After staying in a hotel room at BlogHer13 in Chicago this week and then seeing one of my new friend E's posts after I came home, it was a no brainer what my tip of the week would be.

And - yes, friends - it's about trash.

Specifically, our kitchen and bathroom trash cans end up to be the most quickly filled.  Each time we go to empty the cans, either DH or I will often forget to put a new bag back into the can.  This leads to trash being piled up in the can without a bag {yuck} or sitting on top of cans with lids or next to cans without {double yuck}.  But there's a simple solution.

Tips for Trash , Double Bag your Can

By doing what most hotels, restaurants, and hospitals do, you can make it a bit easier on yourself to remember to replace the bag - and that is double bagging your cans.

Now - there are two ways of doing this.  The first is to just dump a few extra bags into the bottom of your trash can or pail at the bottom of the can or pail before you put the bag you'll use next into the can.  The second way is to actually double line the bag, so put one bag over the edges of the can, and then repeat again with another bag.

If you're pulling out rather large loads of trash, like a kitchen trash can, it may be best to just leave a few bags sitting in the bottom of the can or pail.  If you actually double line your larger trash bags, sometimes more than one trash bag will come out when you remove the top baggie full of trash.

Tips for Trash , Double Bag your Can

Simple, easy, and a heck of a lot better reminder to replace the bag than a nagging statement to your spouse.
I kid, I kid!

Kind of.  Hah!

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