Sunday, August 18, 2013

TNO's Facebook Love Week of Giveaways!!!

As many of you may have seen on TNO's Facebook page, we have reached a level of over 1,000 likes!!!

Because I am so ridiculously excited about it and immensely thankful to all of my wonderfully interactive readers - I'm about to give some swag away!

And when I say swag - I mean it. 

A lot of it. 

I'll be posting a new giveaway every day for at least the next full week - if not more - so keep checking back throughout the week to get yourself entered in each giveaway!  

I'll also update this post throughout the week with a running tally {links included} of all the giveaways up on the blog!  To keep it organized, you may want to pin, bookmark, or save this post for easy reference to add your entries each day. 

I am so excited I can barely wait!!!

{In the meantime though, please picture me running around like Oprah throwing stuff and screaming You get one!!!  And you get one!  And you, too!  You rock that swag friend!!!}


* Update!  Here are the post links so far!

Monday - 

Smart Bottoms Smart One AIO Cloth Diaper and Lil Trainer


Tropical Traditions 32 oz Jar of Coconut Oil





Monday -

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  1. So excited!!! I'm crossing fingers AND toes!

  2. This is it! I can feel it! I'm finally going to win something!!

    1. You will have LOTS of opportunities, I promise! I think I'm up to almost 10 days of giveaways at this point!

  3. Yay! Now it's already awesome enough that you got to over 1k of fans, but it's even better when we get to celebrate with you with giveaways :)!!!

  4. Can't wait! I am usually a silent reader, but this is bringing me out and I am so excited! :)

    1. So glad to hear! Definitely come join in the conversations on the FB page! :)


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