Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Clueless Chick books - Review & Giveaway

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As a massively over-planning, hyper-organized mama of two - I'm interested in any ways to make our lives just a little bit easier and less complicated.  As I mention every week, simple little Tips & Tricks can put you one step closer to spend a little less time working and a little more time relaxing.

And my new friend - Jennifer, author of The Clueless Chick books - feels the exact same way.
tips for organized parents
Jennifer recently wrote three different books packed chock full of helpful hits for the areas of pregnancy, baby traveling, and party planning tips.

After paging through "Baby Traveling Tips for The Clueless Chick", I was immediately taken after reading Jennifer's Pack this- Not that! section.  In that section, she gives really simple, easy to implement recommendations on what items can multi-function and what items give you the most bang for your buck space-wise.

Another area I loved was her tips for baby-proofing a hotel room.  Here's a few tips Jennifer shares about what to pack:

Painter's tape can be used to cover outlets and light switches and even secure drawers and cabinet doors.  Rubber bands can be used to hold up curtains and secure closet doors... Place your luggage in front of the door to ensure little hands do not open it.  While hotel door locks do a great job of keeping people out, they automatically unlock when the handle is turned from the inside.

Each book is seriously full of these little hints to help you stay super organized and put-together in various scenarios and right up our alley over here at The Naptown Organizer!  Here's a front view of Pregnancy Tips for the Clueless Chick and Party Planning Tips for the Clueless Chick.
And - you guessed it!  We're giving away a three-book set of The Clueless Chick books!  This giveaway is open to the US and Canada, and if you have any questions about entering below, message me at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com!

{Also - Jennifer has added a discount code for 25% off for any orders through her website - TNO25OFF}

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  1. Moby bag or sheet set fabric bag= best sock holder for those little baby and toddler socks. Tons better than having to dig thru an entire bag to find those little socks!

    -Jessie O.

  2. I don't have any tips yet, but would love to hear what others have to say.

  3. I don't have any tips, but I NEED the travel book! We are going to France in November. SO NEEEEEEEEED it so much!

  4. organization... i lack that. but: i get clear rubbermaid tubs and label them with clothing sizes so i can easily sort/store clothes are outgrown or out of season!


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