Friday, August 9, 2013

Studio 228 Earrings Review & Giveaway!

So you all know that I began to make a significant effort to get my put-together-mama groove back on a few months ago, right?

Well, since that time I've been doing oooooookay.  {You can check out some of my recent outfits here!}  At home I haven't been dressing up every day, but for the most part I put on real clothing and we've been getting out to do things much more without me being embarrassed at what I have on that day.

I have, however, discovered one quick way to turn even a white t-shirt and pair of jeans into a "styled" outfit - the accessories.  A quick combination of the right necklace, earrings, or bracelet can turn that simple {read: bland} outfit into a style that makes you want to strut your stuff!  It's seriously simple, WAY cheaper than replacing your wardrobe, and will last you any season/weather/number of years.

And one of my favorite, favorite, favorite ways to accessorize these days?

resin flower earrings

Yep.  These lovelies from my amazing sponsor Jodi at Studio228!  Let's take a closer peek!

resin flower earrings

So pretty, right?  I just throw on a quick pair of earrings and simple necklace and I am out the door, looking and feeling fabulous!  I absolutely love how dainty the petals on each of the flower earrings look, they are too sweet and delicate.

Also, just in case you read my Facebook post about getting locked out of my car after a walk and having to camp out at the doughnut shop because I lost my keys - Studio228 is also where I bought my very handy chevron key wristlet below.  

chevron key fob wristlet

{And I can very proudly state that since attaching this pretty miss to my key ring, I've not once left my keys anywhere!  Thank goodness...}

Anyway - back to the task at hand .....

resin flower earrings

Woohooo!  Studio228 is seriously SO AMAZING you guys!  Jodi is giving away FIVE SETS of six pair earring groups!  That's right - count it - five of you are going to win a set of six pairs of earrings!  Check out the Rafflecopter below to enter and as always shoot me an email if you have any trouble with your entries!

{Also, if you visit Jodi's shop - add in the discount code of TNO15 for 15% off!!!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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  1. I like the teal colored ones the best.

  2. I need the earrings! I need all the earrings!

  3. My favorite is definitely the white pair! I know, I'm so boring! But all of my favorite flowers are white, so it reminds me of that!

  4. Hard to pick between the peach & lavender colored ones!

  5. I love the bright ones! Yellow, green, blue, pink...they're all great.

  6. i really like the white. Neutral, so it goes with everything, And really bright and fresh

  7. I love the white ones!!! Beautiful!!


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