Saturday, August 24, 2013

Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Happens Baggie Review & Giveaway!

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As an earth-conscious {and budget-conscious!} mama, I try very hard to find little ways to reduce our environmental footprint - while at the same time saving a little bit of cash.  Recently, I was introduced to the amazing product of reusable snack bags, and these little wonders totally fit right into our lifestyle and my mission for green living.

What is a reusable snack bag?

Well, simply put, it's a plastic baggie that you can use, wash, and then reuse over again.  Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on plastic baggies that you use once and then throw away {generating more waste}, when you purchase a reusable plastic baggie you're making a one-time {small} investment into many different uses of the same bag.

reusable snack baggie, eco friendly, green living

Thankfully, the lovely folks at Itzy Ritzy were willing to hand over a few snack bags {their Snack Happens and Snack Happens Mini bags} for me to review and share with you all!

Some ways we've used our Itzy Ritzy reusable snack baggies are the following:  for snacks {duh}, pacifiers/teethers, make-up or sunscreen cases {in case of spills}, cell phone or key holders {to keep dry}, for traveling with medication or syringes {the mini size is perfect for a bottle of refrigerated reflux meds and a syringe - and keeps the bottle dry in a container of ice!}, and many other ways as well.

reusable snack bag, eco friendly, green living

*While Itzy Ritzy's snack bags are not waterproof, they are very water resistant.  So long as you're not submerging your bag in water, your items inside will stay dry and content. :)

Little Man especially loves to carry around his snack bags when I give him a treat he can have away from our kitchen table, and our new daycare provider has commented several times on how she loves our reusable bags as well - since they visit her house every week in our lunch bags!

And for today's giveaway, Itzy Ritzy and I are teaming up to give one lucky winner a full size Snack Happens Reusable Snack and Everything Baggie!  Please contact me with any questions about your entries at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com!

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  2. Forgot to complete my post! Adorable reusable bags!! I LOVE the watermelon print :)

  3. I think the blue whale print might be the cutest thing ever

  4. I like the fresh bloom print!

  5. This would be great to use for in the diaper bag on trips... But I'm incredibly excited to use then for my own snacks to the office! I go through so many plastic baggies :/

    -Jessie O

  6. Monkey mania is adorable!

  7. Love these! I have to start packing lunch for my son one a week Inst. he goes back to school sand these would be great!

  8. my favorite is cape cod but those are LE. i also like the green damask

  9. I like the Playground Superheroes print. Super cute!

  10. I LOVE the Big Top Dot print!

  11. I like whale watching blue and social circle blue.

  12. The Whale watching is very cute and so is the playground super heroes!

  13. Sight Word Soup is my favorite!

  14. i love the whale watching blue!

  15. Cupcake Couture is my favorite print!


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