Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facebook Love Giveaway Week Updated!!!

First off - Thank YOU!

This week of giveaways has been totally all about you lovely readers and can hopefully give you all just a bit of the love that you constantly give me.  {Insert blushing blogger here!}  I appreciate so much all of the comments, clicks, and questions you all have for me, and am so thankful to have you following my blog!

Yesterday morning's Infantino giveaway rounds out the week for us at this point, but don't fret - there will be more coming soon.  There are a few reviews/giveaways that juuuuuust didn't quite make it into this week but will be featured later on this month or next month.

{Like for example - those awesome Hazelwood and Amber necklaces you all were asking about over on the Facebook page!}

All of the current giveaways for this past week - with the exception of the Yummi Pouch Giveaway - end on Saturday, August 31st.  Which means, you have until then to get all of your entries in... so keep entering to increase your chances of winning!  Since I have about a bazillion giveaways ending all at once, I'll spend Sunday getting everything lined up and then announce winners on the blog shortly thereafter - so be on the lookout for a winner post either on Sunday later evening or Monday!

{In the meantime - you can find all the giveaway posts here!}

In addition, I have some really, really exciting news coming for my awesome local following, including an upcoming appearance on the local news {cue nerves now, please!} as well as some awesome chances for local meet-ups and babywearing love & education.  I cannot be more elated to share a few of these things with all of you, and will continue to keep you all posted as things come up!
Thank you so much, friends!

What was your favorite giveaway this past week?

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  1. I would really like to win one of the baby carriers. I have wanted to wear my baby boy but didn't really know which one to get.


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