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Bright Starts 3 in 1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker Review and Giveaway!

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*Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post.  I did receive a sample item for review.  The opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own based on my experiences with the product!

Today's review & giveaway come to us from the Bright Starts company, as they were lovely enough to send me along a "Baby to Big Kid Rocker" to review for you all!

We love, love, love baby furniture around this house, friends.

Like, love.

You name it?  We have it.  Bouncy seat, Pack and Play, Rock and Play Sleeper, Co-Sleeper, Swing, Mamaroo, walker, Jumperoo, and more.  We have them all.

So when Bright Starts offered to send me their Rocker, I was a little bit concerned it would be just one more baby device whose function was covered by something we already had.  I couldn't have been more wrong.
rocker, bouncy seat, toy bar, baby seat, toddler chair
Once we received the Baby to Big Kid Rocker, I realized that as advertised - it really could transition with a baby from birth up to the 40 lb weight limit, unlike our baby-only bouncy seat which most closely resembled the rocker in function.  And soon after we had it set up, both Little Man and Little Lady were able to use it with no size or fit problems for either child.  Let's talk about the two different settings below:

- The baby setting is a stationary seat for baby {no rocking} with a reclined seat position.  Baby is held in by a 5 point harness {two shoulder straps, a waist belt and strap between the legs}, there is an optional toy bar with two toys that hang down in front of baby, and the seat vibrates via battery power to soothe a fussy baby.

- To change into the big kid setting, a rear kickstand is easily adjusted to make the seat rock back and forth, a quick click sits the seat up to a less reclined setting, and the toy bar is easily moved out of your older child's way.

bouncy seat, rocker, toddler chair toy bar
You may remember Little Lady enjoying her view while we chatted about the fence!
Both of our kids really love this toy.  When we first started to use it, I actually had a hard time getting Little Lady in the chair as Little Man wanted to be sitting in it so much.  Thankfully, now it seems that he only likes to sit in it when he gets a bit of tv/screen time, as Little Man loves to recline in this seat and rock back and forth while watching.

Little Lady always likes to be up off the floor and watching the action, so she loves sitting up in the baby setting of this seat.  I think the toy bar is an awesome addition our old bouncer doesn't have, and she plays with both the toys on the bar itself and any I can easily clip onto the bar as well.  To be totally honest - we haven't been able to use our bouncy seat with Little Lady for months as she became much more mobile and was starting to try and crawl out of it.  However, with the 5 point harness, she is safely contained in the seat and I've had no concerns that she'd be able to fall out, because she's snugly strapped into the chair.

I've actually been really sad we only have one of these chairs, as it would be a great addition to our upstairs bathroom {in place of the currently used HUGE pack and play, where our old small bouncer used to sit before she outgrew it} for when I shower.  But, I can't justify taking it upstairs to be used that way as we use it all the time downstairs, especially when I take Little Man outside to run around or play.  For those summer days when it's a little warm to babywear all the time and Little Man still wants to play, I'll set up Little Lady in her summer hat and a onesie in the shade in her rocker seat with a few toys and I'm able to chase Little Man to his heart's content.

baby seat, bouncy seat, bouncer, toddler chair, rocker
And Little Man showing her some love :)
After using the Bright Starts Rocker for a little while, I'm fairly sure I'm going to say adieu to at least one, possibly two of our formerly used baby appliances as I just really like the Rocker so much better.  And because Bright Starts wanted in on my week of giveaways, we're going to give a 3 in 1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker to one lucky reader!!!

Entries are via the Rafflecopter below, please email me at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com with any questions!

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  1. Our favorite item right now is a jumperoo we're borrowing from a friend.

  2. I love my pack and play, keeps the baby safe from her 2 big brother :)

  3. My favorite item is the high chair. He is big enough to sit in it and play.

  4. My favorite item is the high chair. He is big enough to sit in it and play.

  5. Baby swing!

    Rafflecopter Name is Anne Taylor

  6. I almost bought this very seat a few months ago!

  7. I love bright starts products! :)

  8. Currently, my rocking chair.

  9. I guess my favorite piece when Harrison was a baby was probably our baby swing that the carseat fit in. We really really need a baby rocker like this, though!

  10. As a baby we used the play mat a lot. Now our most used piece in the pack n play for sure.

  11. I have the Bright Starts portable bed and I love it!

  12. My favorite item from the kid was the Little Lamb swing we were given at our shower. While she only used it for about 6 months, she LOVED it.

  13. We love our Fisher Price Animal Krackers jumper thing.

  14. my exersaucer is very convenient 24/7

  15. I adored the Fisher Price rainforest deluxe gym - lifesaver with my twins!!

  16. My swing! And it plugs in instead of using batteries!

  17. My favorite item right now is the exersaucer. He is loving it!

  18. Our pack and play.

  19. My favorite piece is the jumperoo.

  20. I don't yet have any baby furniture but as a child my favorite thing was my jumpy!

  21. we had a vibrating baby bouncer with my son and loooved it but we got it as a handme down and it didnt last too long!


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