Saturday, August 31, 2013

Reader Q & A - TNO's Skincare Routine

First of all, bahahahahha!  

{Ahem...  Okay.}

Now that I've composed myself here, let's talk about my skincare routine.

How not to take care of your skin
Am I really talking about this?


Well.  Let's be honest here for a second.  When I shower, which happens probably once or twice per week with a bath or two in between some weeks, I wash my face with plain felted soap or felted soap and then a salt scrub.  Showering typically happens at night after the kids are asleep, so then I follow up with putting a bit of coconut oil on as a moisturizer for the night.  

The next morning - depending on what our day has planned - I'll typically put on some make-up and be on my way.  Most times, I'll fall asleep that night without washing my face with the same make-up on.  Because my skin doesn't really break out, the next morning if I'm going somewhere, I'll often put on more make-up... over the make-up I already had on from the day before.  And sometimes, the next day?  

I'll do that again.

How not to take care of your skin


The thing is though, that I've always had fairly dry skin.  If my skin gets too dry, it cracks and hurts.  I've never been super greasy and allowing my skin {and hair} to retain some of it's own natural oils tends to help me out a bit.  I probably can also count on one or possibly two hands the number of times I've personally had break-outs on my skin - so it doesn't occur often that I get greasy enough for problems to happen.

So, this was embarrassing.  

But, you asked, so there you have it.  :)  I'll be continuing to answer reader questions in upcoming posts, so if you have a question you'd like answered, {maybe that isn't quite so embarrassing?} please message me at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com!

What is your skincare routine?

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 31 - Wash yourself with hair! {Wait, did I really just write that???}

You know that crunchy part of me that wants to wear birkenstocks and live on a commune?  I'm channeling that girl for today's tips & tricks post.

Yep.  I'm going there.  A little backstory first, though:

Earlier this year, a few friends of mine from various locations got together for an Elfster gift exchange.  If you're unfamiliar with an Elfster, it's where you sign up to send a friend a gift and receive a gift from a friend in sort of a virtual secret Santa set up.  For this specific Elfster, we decided to make it a state-themed ordeal, sending our elf items that were local to our state.

{No, I didn't send my elf corn.  But I thought about it.}

I was lucky enough to have been selected as the always absolutely hilarious and amazing Kate's elf.  She sent me a plethora of cool stuff from her home state of the lovely New Jersey {which is also where DH is from!}, but was really thoughtful to make it nice and dirty hippie for me - the best gifts to receive!  Seriously.  If you ever have the inclination to send a gift along my way?  Dirty hippie stuff is the way to go.  ;)

In the package of amazing I received from Kate back in February though, was something I'd never heard of before - and it was actually quite shocking to me...

Yes.  That really is a big bar of furry, felted soap in my shower.

After DH's initial reaction of "What the heck IS THAT THING and why is it in the shower?", I talked him through all the details of my new furry buddy and why he'd be staying in our shower for the long run.  Which leads me to Tip # 31:

The specific brand of felted soap I received was alpaca fur wrapped, and boasts some rather lovely benefits.  Since using felted soap, I have been able to drop my use of exfoliators on my face/body down to once every week to every few weeks, as the felted soap naturally exfoliates your skin.  I've noticed that it really helps the outside of my upper arm areas, which tend to get really bumpy, for whatever reason. 

Because of how the felted soap works, you don't need a loofah, washcloth, scrubber, or anything else besides your bar of soap.  It's also a ton easier for Little Man to hold than regular soap, because it grips instead of slides right out of his hands.  {I've heard it works the same with arthritic hands, but I don't currently have any trouble with arthritis.} 

One of the biggest reasons I loooooooove our felted soap is how long it lasts.  You heard me mention above that I received this as a gift in February, right?  Well, the picture I took above was from THIS WEEK and the soap has only decreased in size by about half since when I initially began using it.  So, if it continues on same trend of longevity, this one bar of soap could last me for an entire year. 

That's a long time for one bar of soap!  

If you haven't tried felted soap - which I'm guessing applies to most, if not all, of you - I'd definitely recommend trying it out and adding it to your natural skin care routines!  

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So, potty training.

Well, we're halfway there, friends.

You may have seen me mention back in May that Little Man was getting close to potty training.  And then in very early July, that he was daytime potty trained.  We're still not nap or nighttime trained just yet, but I wanted to chat a little bit on how we got this far.

how to potty train a two year old boy

For starters, Little Man is just now barely 2.5 years old.  When I began thinking about potty training him in May he was only two years and three months old and in the beginning of July when we did potty train for daytime, he was two years and five months old.

In between that time, we did try and fail at potty training one time.  He wasn't ready, I wasn't ready, and it was a disaster.  We did attempt to potty train for a full day, but during that day there were accidents everywhere {of #1, he's never had a #2 accident}.  Like, making it rain folks.  Yikes.  Not only were there accidents everywhere, but Little Man couldn't tell me when he needed to go and couldn't stop when he started to go.  It was basically an effort in futility of me training myself as to when to put him on the potty and then just sitting there and waiting forever for success.

But that isn't success, right?

To actually be potty trained, he needed to realize when he had to go, be able to hold off until we reached the potty, and then be able to go once we got there.  Because none of those steps were there, we stopped trying and gave it up for a month or two.

how to potty train a two year old boy

When it hit late June/early July, we tried it again.  Little Man was doing much better at holding it and could now tell me when he had to go.  And - to be honest - I didn't even have to offer for him to go, he would tell me every time.

This time, it took only one day of accidents in which he didn't quite make it to the potty or I went upstairs to put Little Lady to bed at an apparently inopportune time.  By day two, Little Man was telling me every time he needed to go, being able to hold it until then, and was having no accidents.

{He's had a few random accidents for DH or our babysitter since then in out-of-the-ordinary situations, but other than that, Little Man has been doing awesome.}

Basically, instead of using some program I read about on the internet or in a book, we just waited for him to be ready and then we went from there.

how to potty train a two year old boy
Because how freaking cute are big kid undies???
He still is not nap or nighttime potty trained, but we've tried it a few times and are for sure not ready.  We'll obviously address it at some point down the line, but for now we're just super thankful that we have one almost out of diapers.

When did your children potty train?  Are you going through the process now?  Do you have any advice?

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Facebook Love Giveaway Week Updated!!!

First off - Thank YOU!

This week of giveaways has been totally all about you lovely readers and can hopefully give you all just a bit of the love that you constantly give me.  {Insert blushing blogger here!}  I appreciate so much all of the comments, clicks, and questions you all have for me, and am so thankful to have you following my blog!

Yesterday morning's Infantino giveaway rounds out the week for us at this point, but don't fret - there will be more coming soon.  There are a few reviews/giveaways that juuuuuust didn't quite make it into this week but will be featured later on this month or next month.

{Like for example - those awesome Hazelwood and Amber necklaces you all were asking about over on the Facebook page!}

All of the current giveaways for this past week - with the exception of the Yummi Pouch Giveaway - end on Saturday, August 31st.  Which means, you have until then to get all of your entries in... so keep entering to increase your chances of winning!  Since I have about a bazillion giveaways ending all at once, I'll spend Sunday getting everything lined up and then announce winners on the blog shortly thereafter - so be on the lookout for a winner post either on Sunday later evening or Monday!

{In the meantime - you can find all the giveaway posts here!}

In addition, I have some really, really exciting news coming for my awesome local following, including an upcoming appearance on the local news {cue nerves now, please!} as well as some awesome chances for local meet-ups and babywearing love & education.  I cannot be more elated to share a few of these things with all of you, and will continue to keep you all posted as things come up!
Thank you so much, friends!

What was your favorite giveaway this past week?

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Infantino Review & Giveaway!

* Disclosure:  While I was provided these carriers for review, this is not a sponsored post and my opinions are 100% my own.

If you've been involved in the babywearing community at all in the recent years - you probably have heard a bit about Infantino.  The Infantino brand is one of the most commercially available babywearing brands in the major big box stores, and it has been for quite some time.  In the past, I'd been somewhat hesitant to use Infantino carriers due to the release and then recall of the SnugRider carrier - however, my opinions on the brand changed somewhat when we purchased a used Infantino Mei Tai and it very quickly became DH's favorite carrier.  We'd never had a carrier that inexpensive make it into our daily rotation of carriers, and I was intrigued to hear about the more ergonomic options currently being made by the company.

When Infantino offered to send me a few carriers, I was really interested to see what they'd had in store.  And, I was not let down one bit.

For review purposes, I was sent three carriers:  the Ergonomic carrier {Support}, the Mei Tai style carrier {Sash}, and the Comfort Wrap carrier {Sync}.

Most days, as a friend is currently borrowing my wrap, I've been reaching for a SSC for Little Lady during this stage of her development {7 months} - so my first try of the Infantino carriers was the ergonomic Support carrier.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers

The Support carrier offers two carry positions - baby facing you, tummy to tummy, on your front or baby on your back for a baby 8-40 lbs.  I tested this both with Little Lady at 18 lbs and with Little Man at 30 lbs, and found it to be a great option for either child.  The Support is a perfectly ergonomic carry, seating baby with the proper body alignment with baby's knees at or above hip level, and I found it to be just as comfortable as my other SSC's.  There was one difference between the Infantino Support, however, and some of my other carriers, as seen below:

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers

If you'll notice on the Infantino Support on the left, there are two extra straps {one on each side} connecting the shoulder straps to the waist belt.  There are definitely upsides and downsides to the extra straps.  I do feel like they allow you to distribute your support a bit more evenly, and can help you to keep the waist belt up if you're comfortable with a lower position but have troubles with it riding down.  But because of where those straps are located, it does take me just a little more time to put a baby in the carrier or start my back carry with a hip scoot.  It's not a deal-breaker for me - it just takes a moment or two more.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers
Little Lady definitely felt the sleepy dust here!
Also, there is one feature that I'm kind of sad about but DH absolutely LOVES, and that is the print.  Infantino put a really pretty black and white, flowery print inside the carrier as seen above, where baby's body touches, but the outside is just plain gray fabric.  I was a little miffed about it at first - but as soon as DH saw it, he we extremely excited that he could wear a carrier without ANY pattern on it.  So if your husband doesn't love to wear your flower and heart adorned carriers, this may be the one for him!

Overall, the Infantino Support is a fantastic carrier if you're looking for reliable comfort but still want a great deal.  You're not going to get all the bells and whistles on this carrier {such as a nap hood or pockets}, but at the price point of just around $30, this carrier is almost a full $100 less than most of the other Soft Structured Carriers out on the market.  And for $100 less?  I can put my keys in my pants pocket.  The Support carrier is a really excellent option if you're looking to wear your baby in comfort but don't have a ton of cash lying around.

The next carrier I pulled out was the Sync.  The Sync is a wrap, but has a buckle.  It's honestly the first kind of carrier I've seen with this configuration, and I was very intrigued to see how it worked.  Basically, the carrier has a waist belt that buckles in place, and then two long rails that are partially woven and partially stretchy cloth.  The rails wrap around the baby just as a wrap would in the pocket wrap cross carry.

The Sync is advertised to be used with babies 8-36 pounds and in four positions: infant, front, hip, and back.  After using the Sync with Little Lady {who is currently over 18 lbs at 7 months old}, I beg to differ a bit.  Let's talk about the weight limit first.  Because the wrap is partially woven and partially stretchy wrap, I would not recommend it to be used past around 15 lbs or even lower.  This is for the same reason I wouldn't recommend a Moby wrap past that weight.  The wrap tends to be too stretchy and can sag with the larger weight of the baby, providing less support and requiring extra hands to be on your baby to be sure they stay where they're supposed to be.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers
You know, just eatin' an apple.  Wearin' my baby.
Little Lady does not tend to be a back-archer in any type of carrier/wrap, but there were several times - like right after I took the picture above - I had to put out a hand for her in the Sync when she leaned back a bit to see my face.  Her weight at 18 lbs was really over what I felt comfortable for the Sync could handle.  Because of that, I did not even attempt to wear Little Man {30 lbs} in this carrier as I knew it wouldn't be able to take his weight.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers

As you can see in my second picture of the Sync, Little Lady was very easily able to start working the fabric down by twisting and turning a bit and it did give when she pushed away from me - which led to me taking her out of the wrap.

If we're talking about the back carry, I'd recommend against it for the same reasons.  A stretchy wrap - even if it's only part of the panel that is stretchy - is not going to give you the support you need for a back carry.  Especially since babies need to be a bit older and able to sit unassisted - which means they'll weigh more - to be worn in the type of carries this wrap would provide.

That said, for a parent of a new baby who hasn't worn their baby in the past, the Sync proves to be a somewhat less confusing option than some of the other stretchy wraps on the market.  The Sync gives you the comfort of having baby close in a wrap with a little bit less fabric to figure out when you're wearing, and can be a great option for someone with a very small baby.

The third carrier I received was the Sash or Mei Tai style carrier.  The Sash is for babies 8-36 pounds with three positions: tummy to tummy in a front carry, a hip carry, and a back carry.

You guys already know we love an Infantino Mei Tai, and the Sash carrier even improved upon that love.  The new Sash carrier has a few features that make it a carrier I'll definitely reach for in the future.  The first part I love about it is the nap hood.  DH wears Little Lady in a Mei Tai frequently, but without a nap hood when she falls asleep - her head bobbles around.  I love that the nap hood is able to be snapped up and support her head a bit.  It's also pretty awesome that if you don't love it, it's totally detachable.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers

Another detail that I love about the carrier is the print.  To me - it doesn't look like a $35 carrier.  The print is beautiful!

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers
Snuggled in for some late night rocking
Both Little Man and Little Lady spent some time in the Sash carrier, and it was just as equally as supportive and comfortable for both, with no troubles at either weight range.  I would definitely agree with Infantino's description that the carrier "grows with baby for years of comfortable use."

I found the Sash carrier to be extremely comparable to other Mei Tai's I've worn, only at a MUCH lesser price point.  And since wearing it around a bit, I've actually had several people actually mistake the Sash for a more expensive brand of carrier.  The Sash is a really awesome carrier at an awesomely low price.

Support ergonomic, sync wrap hybrid, and sash mei tai carriers

In the future, we will definitely continue to use both the Support and Sash carriers.  If we're lucky enough to have another small baby or if I can borrow a friend's infant, I'd also love to see how the Sync carrier wears with a smaller baby.  Overall, I think that Infantino has come up with quite a few really great carriers at a price point that makes safe, ergonomic babywearing available to those parents who don't have $100-200+ to drop on a more expensive carrier.  I would recommend sticking to either the Support, Sash, or Sync carriers out of what Infantino offers due to the fact that they still manufacture quite a few carriers that are not ergonomically correct.  But I really do believe the carriers I was sent are going to get used in our home just as much as some of my other well-loved options.

And here's the fun part for you - Infantino and I are pairing up to give three lucky TNO readers a carrier.  One of you will win a Sync, one will win a Support, and one will win a Sash carrier!  Get to entering below and let me know if you have any questions!

{Just an FYI - if you leave one blog post comment, share on Facebook once each day, or tweet once each day, I'll count that as just fine to enter for all three carriers each day.  Don't feel like you have to tweet three times a day, once for each carrier.  Well, I mean, you can if you want ;) But you don't have to do so!}

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Bright Starts 3 in 1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker Review and Giveaway!

{For all other freebies up for grabs during TNO's Week of Giveaways - check out my post here!}

*Disclosure:  I was not financially compensated for this post.  I did receive a sample item for review.  The opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own based on my experiences with the product!

Today's review & giveaway come to us from the Bright Starts company, as they were lovely enough to send me along a "Baby to Big Kid Rocker" to review for you all!

We love, love, love baby furniture around this house, friends.

Like, love.

You name it?  We have it.  Bouncy seat, Pack and Play, Rock and Play Sleeper, Co-Sleeper, Swing, Mamaroo, walker, Jumperoo, and more.  We have them all.

So when Bright Starts offered to send me their Rocker, I was a little bit concerned it would be just one more baby device whose function was covered by something we already had.  I couldn't have been more wrong.
rocker, bouncy seat, toy bar, baby seat, toddler chair
Once we received the Baby to Big Kid Rocker, I realized that as advertised - it really could transition with a baby from birth up to the 40 lb weight limit, unlike our baby-only bouncy seat which most closely resembled the rocker in function.  And soon after we had it set up, both Little Man and Little Lady were able to use it with no size or fit problems for either child.  Let's talk about the two different settings below:

- The baby setting is a stationary seat for baby {no rocking} with a reclined seat position.  Baby is held in by a 5 point harness {two shoulder straps, a waist belt and strap between the legs}, there is an optional toy bar with two toys that hang down in front of baby, and the seat vibrates via battery power to soothe a fussy baby.

- To change into the big kid setting, a rear kickstand is easily adjusted to make the seat rock back and forth, a quick click sits the seat up to a less reclined setting, and the toy bar is easily moved out of your older child's way.

bouncy seat, rocker, toddler chair toy bar
You may remember Little Lady enjoying her view while we chatted about the fence!
Both of our kids really love this toy.  When we first started to use it, I actually had a hard time getting Little Lady in the chair as Little Man wanted to be sitting in it so much.  Thankfully, now it seems that he only likes to sit in it when he gets a bit of tv/screen time, as Little Man loves to recline in this seat and rock back and forth while watching.

Little Lady always likes to be up off the floor and watching the action, so she loves sitting up in the baby setting of this seat.  I think the toy bar is an awesome addition our old bouncer doesn't have, and she plays with both the toys on the bar itself and any I can easily clip onto the bar as well.  To be totally honest - we haven't been able to use our bouncy seat with Little Lady for months as she became much more mobile and was starting to try and crawl out of it.  However, with the 5 point harness, she is safely contained in the seat and I've had no concerns that she'd be able to fall out, because she's snugly strapped into the chair.

I've actually been really sad we only have one of these chairs, as it would be a great addition to our upstairs bathroom {in place of the currently used HUGE pack and play, where our old small bouncer used to sit before she outgrew it} for when I shower.  But, I can't justify taking it upstairs to be used that way as we use it all the time downstairs, especially when I take Little Man outside to run around or play.  For those summer days when it's a little warm to babywear all the time and Little Man still wants to play, I'll set up Little Lady in her summer hat and a onesie in the shade in her rocker seat with a few toys and I'm able to chase Little Man to his heart's content.

baby seat, bouncy seat, bouncer, toddler chair, rocker
And Little Man showing her some love :)
After using the Bright Starts Rocker for a little while, I'm fairly sure I'm going to say adieu to at least one, possibly two of our formerly used baby appliances as I just really like the Rocker so much better.  And because Bright Starts wanted in on my week of giveaways, we're going to give a 3 in 1 Baby to Big Kid Rocker to one lucky reader!!!

Entries are via the Rafflecopter below, please email me at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com with any questions!

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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Itzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Happens Baggie Review & Giveaway!

{For all other freebies up for grabs during TNO's Week of Giveaways - check out my post here!}

As an earth-conscious {and budget-conscious!} mama, I try very hard to find little ways to reduce our environmental footprint - while at the same time saving a little bit of cash.  Recently, I was introduced to the amazing product of reusable snack bags, and these little wonders totally fit right into our lifestyle and my mission for green living.

What is a reusable snack bag?

Well, simply put, it's a plastic baggie that you can use, wash, and then reuse over again.  Instead of spending your hard-earned dollars on plastic baggies that you use once and then throw away {generating more waste}, when you purchase a reusable plastic baggie you're making a one-time {small} investment into many different uses of the same bag.

reusable snack baggie, eco friendly, green living

Thankfully, the lovely folks at Itzy Ritzy were willing to hand over a few snack bags {their Snack Happens and Snack Happens Mini bags} for me to review and share with you all!

Some ways we've used our Itzy Ritzy reusable snack baggies are the following:  for snacks {duh}, pacifiers/teethers, make-up or sunscreen cases {in case of spills}, cell phone or key holders {to keep dry}, for traveling with medication or syringes {the mini size is perfect for a bottle of refrigerated reflux meds and a syringe - and keeps the bottle dry in a container of ice!}, and many other ways as well.

reusable snack bag, eco friendly, green living

*While Itzy Ritzy's snack bags are not waterproof, they are very water resistant.  So long as you're not submerging your bag in water, your items inside will stay dry and content. :)

Little Man especially loves to carry around his snack bags when I give him a treat he can have away from our kitchen table, and our new daycare provider has commented several times on how she loves our reusable bags as well - since they visit her house every week in our lunch bags!

And for today's giveaway, Itzy Ritzy and I are teaming up to give one lucky winner a full size Snack Happens Reusable Snack and Everything Baggie!  Please contact me with any questions about your entries at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Dr. Brown's Gia Feeding Pillow Review & Giveaway!

{For all other freebies up for grabs during TNO's Week of Giveaways - check out my post here! And keep checking back this weekend!  I'll be running some equally amazing giveaways on Saturday and Sunday as well as through the beginning of next week!}

*Disclosure:  I was given this product to review but was not compensated financially for this post.  Opinions are 100% honest and my own.

Since we're on our second baby over here, I've tried out a few nursing pillows in the past - and I haven't loved any of them.

We have one pillow that snaps around your waist {which is great} but the cover is immensely thin and the pillow underneath can't be washed.  With two babies who were heavy spitters - that just doesn't work for our family.  We also have one pillow that is easy to use, but I'm constantly shoving pillows underneath to get it high enough up to where our babies can reach the breast to nurse.

Recently, though, I was able to attend an amazing event in Chicago thrown by The Baby Ladies in conjunction with the Save Babies Through Screening Foundation.  {These ladies are fantastic and their cause is wonderful - stay tuned because I have an entire post coming up on their cause soon!}  While at the party, I was lucky enough to be given a Gia Feeding Pillow from Dr. Brown's, and I was really looking forward to bringing it home and trying it out while nursing.

nursing pillow, breastfeeding support

After trying the Gia out while Little Lady nursed, I am 100% smitten and want to recommend this pillow to all my new-mommy friends.  Here's why:

To start off, the Gia pillow is shaped quite differently from most nursing or feeding pillows.  Instead of being a flat surface, the Gia pillow is angled.  One side of the pillow sits much higher, while the other side of the pillow has less filling and sits lower.
If you are nursing in a cradle or cross-cradle hold, the Gia just lightly elevates baby's head so that it reaches the breast without the need for another pillow to be shoved underneath like I've had to do with my other nursing pillows.  I really, really wish we had this pillow when Little Man was born.  With his reflux, whether he was breast or bottle feeding, we ended up using so many pillows to put him at an angle while eating.  The Gia pillow eliminates the need for that and keeps his head above his belly.

Also, as a mom of cloth diapered babies, I love that the Gia has the angled pillow as well.  Especially at our nighttime feedings, when Little Lady has a double stuffed and hemp lined cloth diaper PLUS a wool cover outside of the diaper - her bum is huge.  On a flat nursing pillow, sometimes her bum is so big her head is lower than her tummy because of her diaper.  On the Gia?  Perfect positioning.

nursing pillow, breastfeeding support

The next major thing I love about the Gia pillow is the fabric cover.  All of the other feeding pillow covers I've seen come in a very thin, sheet-like fabric.  The Gia pillow's cover is quite a bit thicker and more plush.  This would have come quite a bit in handy with Little Man's reflux as well, because we were constantly washing his nursing pillow cover and the actual pillow itself because he would spit up or dribble right through the cover into the pillow.  Little Lady has dribbled onto the Gia pillow several times already, but it has never gotten through the cover onto the pillow.

It seems like such a few simple changes, but not having to spend extra time getting situated prior to nursing or spending extra time washing and re-washing and then again re-washing your nursing pillow have proved to be immensely helpful in our day-to-day grind.  Because of that, I'd highly recommend the Gia!

Dr. Brown's did also want to send along their video blurb of the Gia, which I love - as it actually shows a mother breastfeeding her child in the advertisement.  No covers there, friends!

Check out the video below and then scroll down just a bit further to enter to win a Gia feeding pillow of your own from Dr. Brown's!!!

As usual, if you have any questions or trouble with the Rafflecopter, send me a message at thenaptownorganizer at gmail dot com!  Good luck!

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