Saturday, July 20, 2013

What should I pack? - The BlogHer Ultimate Packing List

As BlogHer13 edges closer and closer and closer, I've begun to start packing and preparing myself for the conference.  Because I'm the queen of keeping everything closely in check and nicely lined up, I thought I'd share a few things that I've done which have been helpful in my preparation for the conference.

#1- Look through my current closet!

It's no secret that I rarely get out and do things for myself.  I typically take one day per year while DH watches the kids and I have a shopping day.  I usually hit up a few lower-priced stores and buy some new clothing for myself to the tune of a little over $100 per year.  Most of these items are to replace necessities that have worn out, like my ever-growing collection of white tanks and undershirts ruined by a loving husband leaving a pen in his pants pocket....  But I digress.  The rest of the pieces are to wear in my wardrobe as tops/shorts/pants to leave the house in, you know, that aren't yoga pants.

When preparing to go to the BlogHer conference, I'd planned on taking my yearly shopping spree before the conference, but I wanted to shop my closet first.

In my own closet, I found a few items that I was really happy to set aside for conference wear.  This included a few skirts, a pair or two of shorts, several sweaters, a dress, and a blazer.  It also included shoes and jewelry I'll use to pair with my outfits.  By actually going through my closet and finding my own items that would already probably work, I narrowed the field down to knowing what garments I'd need to buy to complete an outfit.  {Such as needing a pair of pants that fit my postpartum mama body to go with my blazer or a tank to work with my skirt and sweater.}  It ended up saving me a ton of money as opposed to starting from scratch and gave me a goal of items needed to work toward instead of aimlessly looking for clothing and ending up with a few tops that match nothing I have.

#2- If you are shopping, shop with a purpose!

As noted above, I had a mental list of what I needed before I even set foot in the stores.  I knew I needed some tanks, a certain type of t-shirt, a dress or two more, and a few more tops.  I also needed a larger bag {that wasn't a diaper bag} to tote my things around during the conference.  I looked at the type of items I needed, my budget, and several store websites to check out what stores would give me the best possibilities.  I ended up going to two of my main squeezes, H&M and Target.  Between the two stores, I was able to find just about everything I needed.

*Side note - I was luckily able to hit up H&M's super sale this past weekend, where I got some HUGE deals, like tops for between $4-7 each, a pair of pastel cigarette pants for $10, and a dress at $10, among other things.  Amaaaaaaazing.

#3- Put it all together

I haven't quite finished this step yet due to Little Lady's teething and needing a bit of extra comfort at night, but I plan on taking each outfit and laying it out together on my bed with accessories and shoes.  I may take a picture of each just so I know exactly what I need to pack for each day.  I've done the Pinterest suggestion before of putting each outfit in a ziploc baggie {which works really well for the kids' clothing}, but I have several items that won't fit in a baggie - like my blazer - and a few items that I want to be able to lay flat on the bottom of my suitcase.  So, pictures as a method of organization it is.  By using a picture as a guide, I'll know exactly what I'd planned for each outfit when I'm pulling it out in the morning after a long night at the BlogHer parties.  I'll also be able to keep my clothing down to a bare-minimum, only-what-I-need selection so I'm not carting my whole closet to the conference with me.

So far, I've developed a {little?} packing list for BlogHer:

- Toiletries {including hair dryer, make-up, real deodorant, straightener, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, hair spray, hair ties, hair elastics, bobby pins, etc.}

- Laptop/charger

- Cell phone/charger

- Power strip

- One large bag for daytime, one small clutch for nighttime

- Hangers

- Itinerary and other paperwork like conference pass and private party confirmations/locations {I also have this listed in the BlogHer app on my phone, but I like to keep paper copies as well because I'm eighty years old}

- Extra swag suitcase

- Clothing {including 4 day time and 4 evening outfits, as well as pajamas and something comfy to wear for the trek home on Sunday}

- Accessories and shoes {as planned for the outfits above}

- Flip flops {for my bag during the day as well as for walking around the hotel}

- Sunglasses

- Note pad and pen for the sessions in case I don't take my laptop

- iPad and wireless keyboard {in case it's just too much to bring my laptop around but I still want access to the blog}

- Bandaids

- Tylenol

- Water bottle with built-in filter {because as a nursing mama I drink more water than my weight each day it seems}

- Snacks for the hotel room & my bag {including Larabars and probably things like peanuts that pack a high punch for little space/weight}

- Business cards

- Media Kit

- Wallet

- Lip Gloss/hair ties for my bag

- Gum

- Small bag to carry expo swag

- Label sheet for expo {with blog name, address, twitter handle listed}

- Breast Pump & Accessories {Bottles, milk storage bags, easy steam clean bags, permanent marker}

I think that rather lengthy list may be it.

Am I missing anything?

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  1. Be sure to take some pictures of these amazing outfits you put together. Have fun!

  2. Looks like you've thought of everything! You'll have to tell us all about it when you get back!!!

    Granted, I haven't been in many hotels (first hotel I can remember being in was when I was 17), but how will you store breastmilk while you're there? The ones I've been in have only ever had a little fridge (no freezer!).

    1. I'm going to keep it in the mini fridge at the coolest temp I can set it. Milk keeps in there format least five days minimum. :)


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