Thursday, July 4, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks - Quick & Easy Egg Substitutes

First off...

Happy Fourth of July!!!

Now that's out of the way, let's talk about cooking.

Many of you who know me in real life outside of the blogosphere know that I'm a terrible cook.  I don't cook, bake, or really do anything outside of grilling simple meals unless pressed to do so.  No matter now I try, I always end up making something that initially sounded amazing taste not so very good.

When I do make the attempt to actually make something, however, most times I find myself without a main staple ingredient - Eggs.  {Like today, on the 4th of July, when I had planned to make brownies as a special treat, but realized that there were no eggs to be found in our house...}

We're not a huge egg-eating family, as DH is out very quickly in the morning and doesn't has time, coupled with the fact that I was vegan prior to Little Man being born and don't love the taste of eggs.

But from time to time, I'll need eggs for a recipe.  In almost all cases, I'll choose one of the following substitutes:

- Applesauce:  1/3 cup per one egg, good in brownies, cakes, & muffins

- Banana:  1/2 pureed for one egg, good in pancakes, muffins, cakes, brownies, and breads

- Vegetable oil:  1/4 cup for one egg, good in cookies

{You can also use 1/4 cup Silken Tofu to replace one egg, but I know not a lot of people just have a bunch of tofu lying around their fridge!}

If you're in the middle of a recipe on a day like the holiday today - and realize you're out of eggs - check out the rest of your fridge or pantry before you ditch the recipe to get you out the door and on to your parties!!!

What did you/will you do today on the 4th of July?

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