Thursday, July 18, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 26 - Stop eating chemical-filled popcorn!

I've long been addicted to popcorn as a snack.  There was even a time during one of my pregnancies where I actually asked DH to leave our house late at night to see if a movie theater was still open to buy me a carton of popcorn.  {Mmmm... now I want movie popcorn.}  I love the taste, but don't love the chemicals.

Because when you eat a microwave bag of popcorn, you are exposing yourself to tons of chemicals.  There are chemicals used to make the popcorn taste buttery and chemicals in the make-up of or ink on the bags that all wafts right out to you in the form of a steam cloud of unhealthy every single time you stick that baby into your microwave.

In our home, we've found a super-easy, tried & true method.

We've re-discovered an air popper.  

When I was younger, my parents had an air popper for popcorn that we used all the time.  It was really fun as a kid to watch as the popcorn started to pop and see it turn from little kernels into large popped corn.  After reading about the chemicals in microwave popcorn, DH & I went out and bought a very similar model to what my parents' own for our family.  

Instead of dealing with all the chemicals from a bag of microwave popcorn, the air popper utilizes hot air to drive the temperature of the kernels to heat - causing them to crack open and become those lovely little popcorn morsels.  Just air - that's it!  

One thing I love about air popping popcorn is that you can take all of the un-popped kernels that end up in the bottom of your bowl and put them back in to be popped - so you're not wasting anything.  You can also go ahead and season your popcorn any way you'd like with butter, oils, seasonings, etc.  I've been using coconut butter recently and it's amazing on popcorn!

One other reason I love our air popper is that after the initial cost of the popper, your prices for popcorn go WAY down.  Microwave popcorn can, at times, cost as much as four times more than popcorn kernels.  If you were to buy one or two boxes of popcorn every few weeks - say, to take in your lunch at work for a snack - that cost definitely adds up.  Popping a bit of popcorn the night before and putting it into a baggie does the same job for much less expensive.  

Now there are definitely other ways you can make popcorn - and depending on the person you ask, you may get varied answers as to their methods.  Some recommend a stove-top approach {I don't like to dirty an extra pan & lid to wash} or a microwave approach with either a paper bag or glass bowl/plate {I know I have some readers who avoid the microwave at all costs}, but I honestly find the air-popper to be the easiest and simplest method.

How often do you eat popcorn?  What method do you use?

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  1. I LOVE homemade popcorn. I don't have a popper (oh god I just typed pooper) and so I do this using a brown bag: yuuum!

  2. We discovered popcorn makers about two years ago. We bought a really nice Cuisinart one for $25 used, and we LOVE it! I like using local organic canola oil, or some extra virgin olive oil to make it. And then I add margarine and Himalayan pink salt before serving. I want to try making sweet and salty popcorn next! I just never seem to get around to it. This is partially because my husband isn't much of one for sweets and the sweet and salty popcorn would therefore just be for me ;)!


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