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Mrs. Patel's {for nursing mothers} Review & Giveaway!

When I was a new mom with Little Man, I went through a period of time where my milk supply was somewhat low.  I did a ton of things to increase my supply, including: letting him nurse until he broke the latch every time even if it was seriously forever, eating oatmeal, drinking more water, taking fenugreek supplement pills, drinking {a rather nasty tasting} milk-making tea from a large tea company, pumping more while I was away at work, massaging my breasts while nursing or pumping, etc.

Eventually, my supply increased quite a bit from all of these techniques, but the getting there was rough.  Most of the supplements I tried were not the most palatable or pleasing.  Even being a tea drinker at heart, I often found myself chugging the milk-making teas as quick as I possibly could just to get over the terrible taste.  They just aren't pleasant to the taste buds, and I didn't like using them.

Moving forward to a few months ago, when I saw a post on my friend Katie's blog about Mrs. Patel's Indian Ayurvedic teas and treats for lactation and postpartum healing.  I'd never heard of Mrs. Patel's before, but after Katie's review, I knew I had to try it.

Mrs Patel's sent me their combination package, including a 12 day supply of Fenugreek bars {in original, chocolate, and peanut butter}, milk water tea in chai spice, and munch crunch.  I'll go into each of these a bit more in detail below.  I will say, though, to preface - I already know that supplements and herbal remedies such as Fenugreek work for me.  Because of this fact, and my now-trend to land in the territory of oversupply, I very carefully sampled the teas and treats as to not stimulate an oversupply.  As I've had a history of clogged ducts and mastitis due to engorgement, I tread very carefully around stimulating my supply too much.  Since I already know that these remedies work for me in increasing my milk supply, I'm going to mainly focus on the taste and ease of use in these products as a comparison to the past milk-inducing fare I've already tried.

Let's start out with the Fenugreek bars:

As mentioned, I received Fenugreek bars in the flavors of original, chocolate, and peanut butter.  Out of the three, the peanut butter were definitely my hands down favorite.  Guys, these things are really good.  The chocolate and original were tasty as well, but the peanut butter bars actually made me feel like I was eating a treat for me instead of a remedy to increase my milk for my baby.  I'm a sucker for a Reese's cup, and anything that walks down the path of peanut butter goodness is a number one in my book.  I definitely looked forward to eating the rest of the bars!  {I also loved that they were freezer safe for three months if my supply increased or I decided I didn't need to eat them all at one time}

The next product I tried was the Chai Milk Water Tea.

As I mentioned, I'm a huge tea girl.  I could turn down coffee any day of the week, but have a really hard time passing up a good herbal tea.  So to say I was excited to try the Chai Tea was an understatement.  {The Milk Water Tea is also the strongest lactation agent offered, so if you're on a budget this is the product you'd be best to purchase!}  To prepare loose tea, I typically use an infuser ball.  However, because the Chai Milk Water Tea features whole leaves and flakes, the recommended amount wouldn't fit in my infuser.  Instead, I just added the recommended amount of loose tea into the cup of hot water, let it sit for a few minutes, and then strained the large contents out.  I've added a few pictures below so you can see the before and after process.

Before straining
After straining

The instructions on the tea said that you may flavor with milk or sugar, but I'm typically a take-my-tea-black type of girl, so I tried it both ways - plain and with milk/sugar.  Either way - I'd drink this tea just for the taste.  I had a hard time comparing the taste of the Chai tea to other lactation teas I've tried, because not only is Mrs. Patel's Chai tea so much better than those, it's honestly better than a lot of the other teas I drink from both large-box and specialty tea companies.  This is some seriously excellent tea.

{I think part of the reason I love this tea so much is the hints of cardamom and cinnamon in the Chai.  Both of those flavors paired together really remind me of baking Christmas cookies with my mom and sister when I was growing up.  While drinking this tea, it kind of transported me back to those memories for a few minutes!}

The third item I received was the Munch Crunch.

Initially, I wasn't really sure how to use the Munch Crunch.  After reading the instructions, I saw that you could either eat it whole by itself or use it as a condiment.  I ended up putting my Munch Crunch on a salad and ingesting it that way for a few nights, as I typically eat salads when DH cooks a meatier meal.  Initially the flavor of the Munch Crunch was fairly strong, but after a few bites I sort of didn't notice it any more.  This was also possibly because I'd drowned that particular salad in avocado... I love avocado almost as much as Little Lady does!

Overall, for a mother who is concerned about her supply and looking to increase her milk for her little ones, I would highly recommend Mrs. Patel's.  Not only are these teas and treats really good tasting, but they offer so many different options to increase your supply as part of a system all at once.

Mrs. Patel's also boasts both vegan and gluten free options, ships all over the country, and offers a 20% discount for all first-time orders - to help you out a bit if you're in a bunch and need to increase your supply quickly.

For one lucky mama, however, Mrs. Patel's and I are teaming up to give a combination pack to you - including the Combination Fenugreek bars, choice of Milk Water Tea, and Munch Crunch!  Get to entering below and message me with any questions!

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  1. The fenugreek bars intrigue me. I have an Indian coworker who uses a lot of fenugreek in her cooking and brings some for me to try.

  2. Okay, so I'm not a tea lover at all, although I do like a decent iced tea. To me all the hot teas taste horrible. What do you recommend? I'd like to try it for the health benefits (and as you mentioned the lactation part). I know it is better for me than coffee (which I'm not a huge fan of either but will drink heavily sweetened).

  3. Would love to try the fenugreek bars!

  4. so excited about the Fenugreek bars

  5. The fenugreek bars!

    I tried one of those milk teas when I was nursing my son. I didn't make it through the first cup. It smelled like pizza seasoning. :P

  6. I just placed my first order yesterday! I can hardly wait to try these out. I go back to work in September and want to do everything I can to increase/ keep my supply going so I can still ebf. Hoping this increases it so I can get a good stockpile and feel at ease returning to work.

  7. Much crunch looks great. I love this idea

  8. I'd love to try the peanut butter Fenugreek bars!

  9. I love the bars, they are awesome! Fenugreek is my favorite.


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