Friday, July 19, 2013

BlogHer13 July Link Up - Conference Connections

Um.  BlogHer is next week.

Is anyone else freaking out in excitement as much as I am?  I'm a huge bundle of nervous and excited and slaphappy and more nervous all at once.  I cannot believe the conference is less than a week away!

In the meantime, though, let's get to answering our questions!

1. What session are you most excited to attend?

This is definitely a toss up for me.  I'm really, really excited for the DSLR workshop on Friday.  As a few of you know, we bought a really fancy camera last year.  Since that time, I've done absolutely nothing with it to learn how to more adequately use it.  Really, I've just been using it as a much larger point and shoot.  I'm not even really sure what most of the other settings mean outside of auto.

On the other side, there is a Pinterest session on Saturday that I'm really excited to attend.  I've heard from several bloggers lately that they've had much success using Pinterest as a platform to reach new readers, and how it's a great tool for a blogger.  I use Pinterest, but mainly just to plan my dream home.  {DH took one look at that board and told me he can't live with that much gray, alas.}

2. What BlogHer party are you most excited to attend?

As for the official BlogHer sponsored parties, I'm really pumped about the Fly DIY party.  You know, because I want to drink my wine from a glass that I've decorated!

3. Are you attending any private parties?

Yes!  I have everything listed in my BlogHer13 iPhone app.  Now let's all pray for a moment that I don't get lost, because that tends to happen.  A lot.

4. Will you be attending the Expo Hall?

Since a lot of my breaks during the conference days on Friday & Saturday will be automatically set aside for me to pump, I'm going to try and hit up the Evening at the Expo on Thursday night.  Great way to kick off the conference!

5. Any last minute tasks you need to finish before we leave for the conference?

Herrmmmmmmm.  Yes.  I haven't packed yet.  In addition to that I need to write a few posts for next week while I'm gone.  And then I need to go shopping for essentials for the conference {extra milk storage bags, snacks, bandaids, etc.}  I probably will also paint my toenails, since I haven't had them done in forever and likely won't have the time.  I definitely need to print out all my party confirmations and passes for the week.  And maybe pick up some cash from the ATM.  And then do about a million other things to get DH and the kids ready for me being gone for almost a week.  Maybe I should get on doing some of that....

I can't wait to hear everyone else's answers this month!  Link up below & I'm so excited to see all of you in Chicago in less than a week!!!!!

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  1. I am in this weird stage where I feel ready because the big stuff is done until I remember the ten million little things I have to get done, and that my dogs destryed my brand new notebook and ate the two boxes of luna bars I bought and then I start panicking.

    I hope to get a chance to meet up! :)


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