Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A quick update on my littles!

Before I forget some of this stuff, I need to get it written down, so here's a quick update!

- Little Lady - 6 months

So, all of a sudden our lil' miss decided she wants to run with the older kids.  She's cut TWO teeth, is sitting up on her own, and all of a sudden has started babbling like a pro.

{Ummmm, since I wrote this a few days ago... we're now working on tooth number THREE.  Yep.}

I know that the babbling is coming right with the onset of eating, as she's further developing her oral musculature in order to eat and speak, but yeah, she loves to talk.  Sadly, I'm pretty sure her first word is going to be "Daddy" as well as Little Man's was, because her favorite consonant-vowel babbles currently are dadadaddadadda & yayayayaya.  All.day.long. It's seriously the sweetest thing.

Here's a picture of Little Lady nomming on some awesome grubs.  {Oh yeah, and this time around?  No spoon-fed babies, only full-out, true baby-led weaning here.  I'll post an update on that once we get a bit further into it!}

Dear avocado - you're grossly wonderful.

- Little Man - 2 years 5 months

Little Man is also growing by leaps and bounds.  I do also have a separate post coming on this one, but he is potty trained during the day!  We still have him in diapers during naps and bedtime as he's not even two and a half yet, but he is a super pro at using the potty when he is awake.

Little Man has also started to eat a few more varied textures recently, and this is - I think - because he's watching his little sister eat and he's following along.  It's awesome.  He's eaten things like pork chops, chicken, carrots, beans, and a ton of vegetables.  {If you can tell from the front of that list, DH has been cooking a lot lately!}

He's also returned to repeating almost every single, little thing we say.  Good thing I don't have a foul mouth. But, he did recently tell DH, "Let's talk about this first" when DH tried to put him down for a nap!  I love this kid.

Here's some Little Man picture love, too!

Not so fast there bud, you're not old enough to drive just yet...

These kids are getting so big, so quickly!!!

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  1. Your kids are adorable! I don't think I could do baby-led weaning completely because I can't handle the mess. I was spoon feeding the girls I baby-sit until they were about 2 and a half to keep them from getting the food all over.

  2. Evie feels the same way about avocado!!!


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