Sunday, June 2, 2013

We're getting {more} organized.

So 2013, people.

As with any young family, we have a massive laundry list of things to do around our home.  In the past year or so, we've been rather slow with a few projects around the house, but with Little Lady now being an established outside baby, we are ready to get back on the wagon again.

Our home is a relatively newer home, as we purchased it from the original family for whom it was built, but that doesn't mean there isn't a whole lot to be done.  Since our home is a little more than ten years old, there are many projects beginning to look more and more necessary, and less of a "Yeah, we'll get to it at some point" sort of thing.

Ideally, there are a ton of projects I'd like to be done sooner rather than later, but- again- as a young family we have to prioritize and compromise.  That means things like our sad carpet replacement plan is pretty low on the priority list, especially with two very small children who are likely to spill/spit up/poop/you name it all over any brand new carpet we may install.  But that also means there are some projects which will be bumped up to be completed sooner rather than later due to our small children, like a fence around our yard to keep the kids away from and safe around the pond in our yard.

Because I'm a super planner, and lists keep me organized, I thought I'd chronicle a few of our plans on the blog to keep DH & I focused.  {And, yes, to make sure we actually finish them in some semblance of a reasonable time span!}

Here are a few tasks on our current to-do list and a time frame in which we'd like them finished:

- Redesign our front landscaping and complete installation of the new plants.  {October-November}

I'm kind of cheating on this one just a twidge, as we've already started on this recently.  Since we're awesome at tearing out our landscaping- but pretty terrible about putting it back in- we've had a landscape designer out to the house to draw up a plan for us.  We're thinking of pulling out almost everything (minus our existing hostas so lovingly transplanted from my parents' home) and starting new.  Possibly we'll add hydrangeas and other leafy plants that stay away from the I claim to be super low maintenance but really am just a pain in your behind boxwood variety.  To start this project, DH is basically going to have to Round-Up everything other than the hostas in the flower beds currently, and we're going to tear out and move around some of our existing brick borders around the beds.

We're good at tearing everything out, see?

- Finally finish our master bathroom remodel {June}

You know, the one DH started when I was pregnant with Little Man?  Yeah, that one.  Really all that needs to be done there is for DH to finish some caulk work and sand/repaint a portion of the knee wall between the tub and the shower.  Simple stuff, right?  We'll see how long that one takes.

- Repaint our kitchen and living room.  {June}

Many of you have seen our current living room design, but if you haven't, here it is.

While I initially loved how dark the paint was, I'm now really hoping to go with something quite a bit lighter for the living room and would love to carry that color over into our mainly untouched kitchen.  The kitchen walls have never been painted- even with the former owners- and have really taken a beating.  Scuff marks, dings in the walls, and just in general a dingy paint color would be the current status of the kitchen wall aesthetic.  A new look would be lovely overall.

Our currently super bland kitchen
- Repaint/touch up our baseboards and trim. {September}

In the same category as our kitchen, the baseboards and trim work around the house has also been through a few better days.  The current baseboards are even worse than the walls in terms of wear, and- after ten years of life- are ready to be refreshed just a little bit.  It will be a (somewhat) quick fix that will have a big bang for it's buck.

- Reorganize our master bathroom.  {July}

To be honest, I'm already halfway done with this one, as I've already tackled the dreaded under-sink cabinets.  But our closet is in our master bathroom, and it could really use some work.  I'm talking not only reorganizing the clothing storage we already have on the cheap, but also coming up with some new ideas for jewelry storage, tie storage and belt storage, etc.

I think these are the main tasks on our list for the moment.  We have tons of big projects that we'd love to do slowly over the next few years, such as putting up the fence, building a deck in the backyard, building a fire pit in the backyard, finishing our basement, and making a few changes in our kitchen.  But those are the much bigger ticket items, and those will have to come slowly.

What are some projects on your to do list?

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