Friday, June 7, 2013

Toddlers are not for the faint of heart, yo.

Many of you who read the blog know that I am a big fan of peaceful parenting.

I try really, really hard to be patient, loving, and supportive when my kids have rough patches.  I try to support their emotional well-being while at the same time making sure that they remain safe and we accomplish the things we need to get done.  When behaviors occur, I definitely address them - but in a way that makes my children and I both sleep better at night.  I'm not a yeller, and I never will be.

But toddlerhood, friends.  Toddlerhood.

Between Little Man hitting the ripe age of two and a half, continuously cutting several of his two year molars in the past few months, and just in general the fact that he continues to grow like a weed and is taller by the day it seems - keeping my cool some days requires every ounce of energy I have.

I completely and fully have high expectations for Little Man.  He needs to be polite, helpful, and kind - no matter his age - because that is the type of boy and man I expect him to be.  I have no tolerance for hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.  I expect him to be respectful of DH and I, because we are his parents.

And then I realize he's two.

No matter your two year old, no matter what anyone says, even the best behaved kids are going to go through a few rough patches as a toddler.

There are some days where it is a battle of wills even to complete the simplest tasks.  Things like eating a meal, changing his diaper, or brushing his teeth become a cage match.  Quiet redirections, comforting words and touch, or even time outs for more major issues are no match for a toddler's will.  Some days it seems like an alien has inhabited my sweet boy's body, especially when something happens like his requesting cereal and then changing his mind to oatmeal - but deciding after he was served that cereal was what he really wanted. 

{The meltdown pictured above courtesy of me trying to eat breakfast.}

And the frequency and severity of these mood swings is so confusing.  One moment my calm little guy will be sitting at the table quietly tracing tot school letters or coloring and the next he will be flying off the handle screaming and crying.  I try my best to remember when he will be hungry or sleepy and anticipate his needs before they begin to affect his mood, but that's not always possible when stopping play to eat is one of the top three battles in our house.

I know this, like everything else in his childhood, will pass.  Most times I look back on the stages and phases with sadness that they are now gone, even though they've not always been enjoyable.  This?  I will gladly move through.

As with anything in parenthood, I'm trying to muster up more patience than I think I can encompass.

Wish me luck?

Anyone else going through a bout of the 'terrible twos'?  What have your toddlers been doing recently?

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  1. I love this - I love when mommies get real! Hang in there lady before you know it they will be smart mouthing you and rolling their eyes so hard you think they will fall out and you will be wishing for this phase LOL

  2. Ah yes. Somedays my little 2.5yr old is a cuddle bug, and others he loses it if I don't let him have all 25 trains on his high chair during breakfast. It is these moments I chant "serenity now, insanity later!!"

  3. I'm already going through this at 15 months. Hoping it comes early and leaves early for us!!


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