Thursday, June 27, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 23 - Cut your own hair!

So you all have seen my previous pictures on the blog, right?  Like this one?

Ugh, now that we've all reminded ourselves, let's quickly forget.  But basically all you need to know is that I'm really bad at remembering to get my hair cut on a regular schedule, and it often ends up looking really bad, like in the above picture.

Recently, something changed, but it wasn't my ability to get to the hair salon.

In the past, I had the confidence to trim my own bangs {when I had them already} but not much else.  If you'd have told me I'd watch a video on the internet and then feel comfortable enough to trim my own hair?  I'd probably have laughed in your face.  But now?  I tried it and I'm hooked!

Here's the tutorial I use, courtesy of

Using this simple technique, I've been keeping my hair looking much more under-control and neat, without salon prices or time away to get out to be able to have someone else trim it!

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