Thursday, June 20, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 22 - Touch Up Your Paint

If you're a follower of TNO's Facebook page, you've probably seen a few posts from me about how I've undertaken about 3,459,281 projects recently - most of them requiring some painting.  One of those projects was recently painting our kitchen walls.

Since moving into our home, we've literally had to paint/repaint every single wall in our home.  Because of this, I've gotten really comfortable with how to make painting easier or more difficult on yourself, leading to tip #22 today:

If you're anything like DH & I, your painting happens at night.  After the kids are in bed, when the chance is most likely that you'll have a few uninterrupted hours to get something done.

But, this leads to missed spots and trouble seeing what you've done due to improper lighting.  We often end up with lots of spots on our walls that need retouched after our initial paint job is finished.

In the past, the main thing that bothered me was that I'd lug the paint can up from our basement, touch up a few spots I'd missed, wash out the brush, and put the supplies back in the basement - and then the next day find one or two more spots that needed to be touched up.  After doing that dance one too many times {and sometimes several days in a row}, I needed a new system.

What I do now makes things much, much easier.

Basically, I give myself one full week before I touch up anything.  The paint can stays downstairs and I leave it alone until at least one full week after the initial painting.  During that time, I keep a small stack of post-its handy and attach one to the spot on the wall that needs attention every time I see a spot.  Over the week, the amount of post-its on the wall gets larger and larger.

Typically, by the time the week ends and I actually do the touch up painting, I've found most - if not all - of the spots that need a bit more color.  It saves me time in the prep and clean up work of painting and makes a whole lot more sense than constantly running the can of paint back up and down the stairs.

What are some tricks you use to make painting easier?

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  1. Great! I'm planning to do a little painting next week so this post comes at good timing.


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