Thursday, June 6, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 20 - DIY Facial Scrub

In the past, I always used store bought facial scrubs.  The main problem with that?  Those facial scrubs are expensive and full of chemicals.  {For example: the Clean & Clear version I used in college is a 7 on the EWG cosmetic database rating scale.}

When I became pregnant with Little Man, I wanted something healthier and way cheaper.

I started making my own DIY facial scrubs a long time ago, but recently discovered a new trick myself that stepped up my skin care routine.

Up until a few months ago, I used either a plain sugar or plain salt scrub.  Basically - just wet your face, and use either sugar or salt to exfoliate your face.  {Typically a DIY scrub newbie may benefit from starting with sugar, as it's a bit more gentle on the face at first.}

The really teeny change I made to my scrubs is to now add a bit of oil.  There are tons of sites that recommend using all different kinds of oils, but I've just stuck with plain olive oil and that has seemed to work really well.  As far as the recipe, I just mix a little bit of oil into a lot of salt {or sugar}.  I don't saturate the salt, but it is oily enough that the salt does tend to stick together.  If you're interested, you can always add some essential oil to the salt and olive oil to make it smell pretty.

I tend to keep the scrub in a small tupperware container in our shower, because I've found that if I use the scrub over the sink I get salt everywhere.  I use my DIY scrub probably twice a week and love it.  The salt really does an excellent job of exfoliating my skin, but since I now use oil - I never get that scaly, dried out feeling afterward on my skin.  After using the scrub, my face is always super soft and moisturized - it's a perfect combination!

The best part?  The scrub is practically free {as you likely already have these items at home} and is totally free of the harmful chemicals in many skincare products on the market.  If the beauty items I use on my body are completely normal and safe to be in my body - it's always a win.

Have you ever tried a DIY scrub?

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