Friday, June 28, 2013

Perfectionism in blogging

When I was young, I remember hearing the phrase, "If you're going to do something, you should do it right" thrown around quite a bit.  It's a lesson I've taken with me through all aspects of my life thus far, and probably why I've become quite the perfectionist about certain things.

Blogging - of course - fits right in that pocket as well.

Sometimes when I look at other blogs or read content from other bloggers, I see excellent, professional-quality pictures, perfectly composed posts, and content free of spelling or grammatical errors.  Their punctuation is placed just so and the scheduling of their posts is just frequent enough to entertain with great information or opinion but not so frequent that it's in your face.  As I like to be a perfectionist in most areas, I strive for that here on the blog as well.

And then I realize who I am.

While it's tough to admit {because I'd truly love for blogging to be my job}, I'm only a part-timer here.  I blog during random naps if I catch the kids on a well-scheduled nap day.  I blog at night after the house is still and quiet and everyone is asleep, if even only for a few minutes.  I schedule my posts a day or so in advance and proof them while I'm nursing Little Lady.

It's hard sometimes to see my little blog and expect it to run with the big kids, and I think sometimes I need to change my expectations a little bit.  This isn't my full-time job.  I don't have daycare while I write.  I do have another {well, three to be exact} job.  There are many times where I will start, and then have to stop, and start, and have to stop, and start a post all over again because the kids, or the dog, or my husband need something.  There are some times where I just need to walk away so I can get a shower before the clock strikes midnight and Little Lady is up for a night feeding.

My problem doesn't ever seem to be content.  I almost always have something to write or something to say.  It's just finding the time to get those words onto the page that trips me up in most cases.

I think that, in lowering my expectations, it isn't going to make me a poorer-quality blogger.  I don't think it's going to change the general theme of my blog or my content.  I just think it may give me a little leeway sometimes.  If I don't have amazingly professional pictures?  That's fine.  I know most of the people who read the blog just like to see my kids - it doesn't matter if they're super grainy.  If I don't get the number of posts out per week?  It's okay.  I don't need to stay up until 2 a.m. writing a post when I know I'm going to be miserable the next day.  I know my readers are mainly moms, and I know you all will understand.

In this area of my life - as well as many others - I need to practice being a bit more gentle and understanding with myself. 

Anyone going through a similar crunch with blogging lately?

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  1. I've naturally found a great blogging groove since Ethan was born. Actually, now is the first time all year that I don't have about 2 weeks of post scheduled, I only have them scheduled about 1-2 days ahead now. Braden is independent enough that I use Ethan's first nap to get my blogging done and read blogs too. I usually have 1-2 hours every morning and sometimes I can sneak on for little periods during the day. I'm actually making some pretty good money from my blog now, so I feel it's not time "wasted" and that it truly is a part-time job that I need to dedicate myself to. That being said, I strive to take as top-quality pictures as I can, especially now that I'm getting paid to do sponsored posts :)

    1. I meant to say "actually found a great blogging groove"...the other makes me sound quite arrogant - whoops!


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