Saturday, June 8, 2013

Little Lady 5 month update!

There are so many things I want to get down on paper {erm, well keyboard?} right now about Little Lady, so that I don't forget all of the quirky, sweet parts of her baby being.  Recently, Lil' Miss just turned five months old, and has been showing me just how much of a big kid she's already trying to be!

Snuggled up with DH
- Moving everywhere!

This started about a month ago, almost two months sooner than Little Man started rolling.  I'm telling you, this girl cannot sit in one place!  {Maybe I listened to too much rap music referencing rolling while she was in utero?  Lol!}  I typically start by placing her on the middle of a blanket and then end up chasing her all over the place.  The other day, as seen below, while I went to use the ladies' room, Little Lady did a hybrid roll/crawl/throw-myself-all-over-the-living-room move that ended up in her being under the jumperoo.  Someone hold me and tell me she's not going to be hanging from the ceiling fan soon.

I know I left you in the middle of the blanket...
- So dainty, but not.

Little Lady's features are very decidedly female.  She's got a sweet little dainty face, and she makes these facial expressions that are so precisely darling.  She bats her little eyelashes and purses her little lips when she's happy or upset, and it is so ridiculously sweet.  And then she poops...everywhere.  I'm not kidding you people, the other day we were at Lowe's and all of a sudden while wearing Little Lady - our little mama & baby dyad started to smell like a barnyard.  I figured she may have an upset belly or some gas and after our paint order was finished started heading to the check out.  By the time we were in the checkout, I started feeling a slow, warm feeling creeping up my belly.... ugh.  When we got outside and put everything in the car {since I was by myself with the kids}, I realized that she'd very obviously pooped all over the both of us.  But don't worry, she very quickly batted those little eyelashes at me and I sort of forgot to care.  :)

- She's

When I want to do something, I like to do it in my own way.  And - you know - I tend to gripe sometimes when it doesn't.  It's not my best feature, but I'll own up to it because it's who I am and I love me.  While nursing for the past week or so, Little Lady will take her arms and press so hard against my chest.  It often times feels like she's trying to give me a sternal rub, and yeah... ouch.  If I move her arm, she puts it right back where it was and continues to press.  Sometimes though, it leads to her pulling the boob too far away and she stops being able to nurse.  Cue HIGH pitched scream.  As soon as she gets it back, she's fine, but until then I think I'm losing some hearing.  Lol.

- She's still enamored with Little Man.

I wrote previously about how Little Lady really loves her big brother, and we've definitely continued on that trend.  Little Man always loves to do "tummy time" together with Little Lady, but recently she's been encroaching on his personal space a bit more.  Wherever he is, she rolls toward him and most times into him.  He is such a good big brother and gets up and moves around so she can have more space, but that often just leads to her rolling to opposite way to get closer to him again.  Little Lady also bursts into giggle fits when she catches Little Man's eye/attention, and he continues to try and hold her hand or reassure her when she cries, which actually does help quite a bit in calming her down.  It is seriously the most amazing thing.

For sure, Little Lady is not the sleepy newborn of the past few months any more.  She's close to sitting up, will begin to eat solids shortly {now someone hold my hand and hope that she will actually take to baby lead weaning and not have the food issues Little Man still has...}, and recently has begun to sleep in her own crib.

Well hey there big kid in a crib! ...Touchdown? 
Time passes seriously so quickly.

Mamas with little babes check in: how are your littles doing?

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  1. Wow she's moving more than my almost 8 month old Ethan! Ethan *can* move...he's just "lazy" and doesn't! :) She's so sweet!

    1. Little Man was the same way Sarah! He took a LONG time to roll, crawl, walk, etc. He was always either right on or just slightly behind on his motor milestones. I'm totally not used to this!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. I can not believe that she is already 5 months old!!! It has gone by way too quickly if you ask me! lol


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