Friday, June 21, 2013

BlogHer 2013 June Freaking Out About Fashion Link Up!

This edition of the BlogHer 13 link up is all about fashion.  Whether or not we're admitting it, most of the ladies attending the conference have probably thought about what they'll be wearing.  I know I'll be taking a few key pieces from my wardrobe and trying to dress them up a bit, as well as possibly doing some shopping for a few new items.  

This link up we asked you ladies to give us a look into your BlogHer closet {and dream closet!} and show us a few photos.  Here are my entries below:

- Comfortable shoes:
I already own this adorable pair of flats right now, and I will for sure be bringing them to the conference.  They're light, airy, but still significant enough to cover my toes in a cold session.  They're also ridiculously comfortable.  And, at a price point of only $20 from Target, they've already made up for the small price in how much I constantly wear them.

- Current wardrobe item:

I'll be bringing this beauty from ModCloth to the conference as well.  It's SUCH a great dress.  Light, airy, breathable, and still long enough to honor my disdain for my gams.  The 'Breathtaking it Easy' dress is also really well-suited for more well-endowed ladies, which fits my bill perfectly while still nursing.

- Current accessory:

This sweet bracelet is also a ModCloth find.  I just love how dainty and delicate it looks on!

- Shapewear I'll be bringing:

The Spanx High Power Brief is one of my all - time favorite shapers.  I love, love, love this shaper because it doesn't show any lines when you're wearing it under a pair of jeans or typical bottoms.  You also can wear it under practically anything {unless you like to show your midriff, which I do not}, even shorts or shorter skirts.  Because it lands so high on the waist, it fits right under your bra line, so there aren't any visible shaper lines on top either.  I actually just bought a second one of these because the first pair I have is from quite a few years ago and was showing a bit more wear to it.

- Dream outfit to bring:
I so love everything about this outfit from Stylish Eve.  I'm a huge, huge fan of sparkle and glitter, so I think this would be great to wear to one of the BlogHer parties at night.  I also really enjoy the delicate lace of the skirt against the more billowy top.  It's sexy but in an understated, classy kind of way for me.  Love this.

- Bonus picture?  Hair inspiration

 I'm actually fairly decent with braids and buns, so this style is something that I may attempt at BlogHer.  Especially since the conference will be in the end of July - I'm sure I'll be looking to put my long hair up and keep it off of my shoulders and back in the heat!

Add in your link - up below!  We're getting so close ladies!

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