Sunday, June 16, 2013

BlogHer 2013 Freaking Out About Fashion June Link Up Questions!

So, we're late.  Yep.  We know, and we're sorry.  But since Nicole has been going through a HUGE blog update over at The Kavanaugh Report we wanted to wait until her new blog went live the other day to host our BlogHer monthly link up this month.  {Seriously, check her out, it's amazing!}

But now, since she's up and running, let's get back to the link up!

This month's link up is the BlogHer Freaking Out About Fashion edition!

Because I can almost guarantee pretty much every female blogger who goes to BlogHer for the first time is doing exactly that - thinking about what to wear, how much shopping should be done, how much repurposing of current fashions can be done, and just how awesome we all want to look!

In that idea, we're doing the link up this time a little differently.  Instead of just telling us about your answers, we want you to show us.  For the following questions, post images {and descriptions, if you'd like!} of the items below:

- Show us one pair of comfortable shoes you'll be sure to bring.
- Show us one current item in your wardrobe you'll be packing.
- Show us one accessory you already own that you'll be bringing to the conference.
- Show us your shapewear.  {Let's get real.  We're all going to be wearing it.}
- And finally, show us a dream outfit that you don't own but would love to, and would wear to BlogHer if you could!

- Bonus question to add if you'd like?  Show us one hairstyle or make-up look you'd love to rock at BlogHer 2013!

We'll be posting the link-up this Friday, so get your posts ready and we'll see you back then!

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