Thursday, May 2, 2013

Toys, toys, & more toys my two year old LOVES!

It's really, really easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of toys you can amass in a short number of years.  Overwhelming, people!  I'm telling you!

In just barely over two years since Little Man has been born, we've collected a ton.  Whether it was given to us, purchased used, or one of the few toys we've actually bought retail at a store, many toys have found their way into our home.  Today I'm co-hosting with The Kavanaugh Report to highlight what toys are on our shelves to share and also check out what everyone else's kiddos are into right now.  Without further ado, here's our list:

1.  Train table

I recently mentioned that I found this train table (without accessories- those we already had or DH purchased when we bought the table) for a serious deal of only $40 on a local marketplace Facebook page, and Little Man is obsessed with it... to the point that sometimes, Whiff or Bash have to come to the table to eat, to sleep at naptime, etc., and it's really cute!

2.  Chalk

Since the weather has been much nicer around here {Thanks, mother nature, for finally realizing it's May!} we've been playing outside a TON.  Little Man loves to dictate ahem, tell me what to draw or sit and help me color in shapes, even though he isn't super into actually drawing on his own yet.  We tried the thicker chalk meant for littler hands and the thinner pieces of chalk, and the thinner pieces have won out.  Little Man also loves when I draw hopscotch (I make colored squares so we can name the colors as we "jump"), circles (also in colors that we can name), or train tracks (that we use to be trains, obviously).  Sidenote- I hope my neighbors think I'm just a really great mom and not some crazy whackadoo running around my driveway choo-choo'ing.  Anyway, it's a HUGE hit around here.

3.  Felt Road Track

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have seen my recent link to felt travel games from The Mama Years.  I took Jen's advice, headed over to the craft store, and came home with a bunch of felt on the cheap.  It cost me $1 for four sheets, and I used five to make the felt road track, so only $1.25 for the whole she-bang, if you're not counting glue.  These can be used anywhere, which is awesome, but they work better on our carpet as they don't slide as much.

4.  Tot School Dot Markers

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I do a ton of tot school activities with Little Man, and based on recommendations from other bloggers, Do-A-Dot markers have entered our top toy list as well.  Initially, I thought the only use for dot markers was at Bingo, lol, but I've found that there are a ton of great activities you can do with your dots.  Little Man's favorite is tracing letter shapes in dots or dotting specific letters or numbers on a page.

5.  Toy Mower

This is a long time favorite of Little Man's that my parents purchased for him when he was just beginning to walk.  He loved it then, and he continues to love it now.  While previously it was just a walking toy to help him maintain stability, the toy mower has now turned into an object to race me with {as I'm propelling another push toy... dear back, I'm sorry for your pain!}, a cart to carry things on, and an actual mower as he loves to take it outside and pretend he's mowing the lawn like DH.

Runner Up?  The Ipad.

I'm not a huge fan of the Ipad all the time, because Little Man has a propensity to want to sit and watch Daniel Tiger or Thomas movies all day long if I'd let him, but I try to use it to our advantage.  Some of our favorite apps recently are Wee Sing, Baby Flash Cards, and any of the Duck Duck Moose series.  Most of the apps we use are targeted towards learning letters, shapes, colors, numbers, or objects.  Little Man loves the flash card app and will sit with me and identify vehicles, animals, foods, and many more objects.

While there are many other toys in our household that get use, these happen to be the most loved the past week or two.  What are some toys on your child's favorite list this month?  Link up your blog posts below or just add your toys into the comments of this post!

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  1. Yay - glad you lovd the roads. So easy, right?? I linked up too and love getting to see everyone's ideas :)


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