Thursday, May 30, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 19 - Establish a welcome center!

What's the first thing you do when you walk into your home?

Put your stuff down, right?

If that's your answer, it's the same as my answer.  I kick off my shoes, take off any jackets/scarves/etc., and promptly drop my keys, mail, and purse down at the same time as I'm carrying Little Lady's car seat and helping Little Man to get his shoes off.  {I swear we have the only kid who still needs help with velcro.  Which I'll take as a positive since he can't get cloth diapers off yet!}

No matter what system you have in place, having some system to organize all your chaos is important in keeping your home put together.

In our household, we have a simple key and mail organizer purchased from Pottery Barn after we received a gift card from DH's awesome sister and brother in law.

This lovely system helps keep us really organized from the second we step foot through the door.  Keys, mail, wallet - there's a spot for everything.  One of the features I love is definitely the door that you can house small items within to keep in a safe place.  One of the things I always remember to put back into the door compartment is our pool key.  Prior to this organizer, I was constantly losing the key and having to purchase new keys from our HOA.  It helps me to remember where I put it when it always stays right in the organizer by the door.

Typically, I'm all about cheap ways to stay organized, and our PB version did cost a pretty penny, but you can find cheaper versions on Etsy or even make your own with a few pieces of wood and some hooks.  Here are a few of my favorite Etsy finds:

Courtesy of Legacy Studio on Etsy
Courtesy of cottage home decor on Etsy
Either way, having some sort of system is KEY to making sure all those odds and ends you toss the moment you enter your home don't land scattered all over your house.

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