Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day - A letter to MY mom!

Dear Mom,

Thank you for everything.

You are an amazing person and one of my very best friends in life.  No matter how far I travel, how much I push, how difficult I can be sometimes - you are right there, loving me regardless.  The further along I go as a mother myself, the more I understand - and I need you to know that I am so appreciative of every little thing you've done for me my entire life.

For being such a tough mama for me and birthing me into this world without fear.

For all the late nights that you held and rocked my little baby self, no matter how exhausted or weary you were - you put my needs first.

For living in spit up, running on adrenaline, and getting through only with love for so many months.

For that terrifying day for you when I stopped breathing, for knowing how to give me CPR and having the strength to save my life, because no matter how much you say it was God - it was you in that room who helped me to breathe again.

For all those hours, days, and weeks afterward that were lived in fear while I was strapped into a holter monitor to be sure I didn't do it again.

Thank you for being so strong for me.

For my toddler and preschool years, when I was afraid to be away from you and would sob at even the suggestion - because you loved me even more for it and I never knew that sometimes you just needed 10 minutes to yourself.

For my childhood, when you laid away your work uniform and badge to stay at home with me and my sister because you thought it was best for our family, even when you loved the work you did.

For every single craft, activity, and adventure we had and all of the ways you helped us learn.

For every homemade breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack that you worked so hard to make for our family.

For every lunch bag you packed in a brown paper sack with the words 'I love you' written in your perfect handwriting on a teeny note inside so none of my friends would see it.

For every half day off of school when every single one of my friends gathered at our house, because you were one of the only moms home - and you always had the place stocked with snacks!

For my preteen and teenage years, because - let's be honest - I was a pain more often than not!

For having the patience to understand it was only a phase, but for being strong enough to love me through it and keep me safe and protected and happy (well, as much as a teenager can be!) the whole time.

For never ceasing to remind me to wear a coat, even when I yelled at you when you did, because you never wanted me to be cold or uncomfortable.

For my college years when you had the strength to let me go and trust that I could succeed.

For that time you drove down to college when I was so sick and scared - and you brought me home, even though I threw up in your car the whole way back.

For being so patient with me on summer and winter breaks when I came home and stayed out until all hours of the night - instead of reprimanding me you always gave me a kiss on the way out and made me promise I'd call no matter the time if I was in a situation where I needed to be driven home.

For when I met my husband and fell in love, for loving him and accepting him into our family as family.

For when I graduated with both my bachelor's and master's degrees, because of your constant financial and emotional support - even on that day when I called you sobbing about one of my finals and I forgot to say Happy Birthday.

For dancing with me at my wedding to the song you played every day on the way to preschool to get me to go.

For helping me move, like 4,345,652 times - even into the house we're in now.

For talking to me every day on the phone because we're too far away and I miss you.

For holding my hand and my heart throughout my pregnancies, answering every stupid, silly question I had and providing support and courage in those moments of despair and grief when you were remembering the same hurt.

For every weekend trip to visit us now, because you know it's much harder at this stage for us to come to you.

For every silly voice you use to get Little Man to eat or when reading him a story.

For every crawl on the floor, change of a diaper, or snuggle with either of my babies - because I know it is hurting your body but you won't say it is or stop, because you love them so much.

For being that much more amazing of a grandmother than you are a mother, if that was even possible.

For every single one of the thousands of ways you help me and my family.

For being yourself.

Thank you.  I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

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