Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cloth Diapering Update - a Half & Half story

I recently chatted with you all on the blog about our cloth diapering troubles, the rashes we've seen lately, and the steps we've taken to alleviate all of those problems.  It's been a bit of a rough road, but I think we're finally in the clear and have figured out the solution to our diapering dilemmas.

After all of the steps we've tried, I've settled between using two products pretty frequently that are keeping the funk out of our diapers:

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Basically, I've been keeping our wash routine similar to what I was doing before all of the crazy rash problems began by doing a soak, warm rinse, wash, and extra cold rinse.  What I've added is every 2-3 washes, I'll run the diapers in one extra wash cycle with either Grovia Mighty Bubbles or RLR, alternating each time.  This seems to have worked wonders for keeping the funk out of our diapers.

Side note: Dear teeny baby rolls- could you be any cuter???

Since I've implemented that wash routine, Little Lady has been back in her cloth diapers 100%.  Her daytime diapers, nighttime diapers, and hemp inserts have been working just fine with no problems whatsoever and no rash in sight.

Little Man, however, is a different story.  Since he is still extremely rash prone at this point, I've just kept him in disposables for the time being.  In his disposable diapers, he still comes up with a rash every week or two but I can usually catch it soon enough that it doesn't get too bad and I'm able to get some cream on it immediately.  Thankfully, he's gotten to the stage where a lot of the time now he is telling me immediately after he's gone and asking me to change him.

We tried a bit of potty training to see if he was ready recently, but at that point he didn't recognize when he had to go most of the time.  Little Man would go on the potty if I told him we needed to go, but he would never initiate saying on his own that he actually needed to go, and he also was having accidents and not even realizing that he was walking around in wet pants.  I figured at this point, it would be more of us training ourselves when to take him to the potty and not him realizing that he needed to go.  With Little Lady being so little at this point and requiring my attention at times, I can't see this working until Little Man is fully, totally, absolutely ready - and we're just not there yet.

I've thought a bit about putting him back into cloth, but since Little Man's rashes tend to get much worse, much quicker in the cloth diapers, DH & I are going to just keep him in disposables until he either stops having rashes or potty trains.  As much as I love our cloth diapers, I could care less about using them if they're making his bottom worse.

So, at this point, we're half and half in our household - Little Lady in cloth diapers and Little Man in disposables - and that's likely where we'll stay.

Thank you everyone who responded for sharing your struggles with cloth diapering with me when the initial post published.  It's interesting to hear that this seems to be a common trend around or before the two year mark for cloth diapering families.  At this point, I'm just really glad that we were able to get through over two years of cloth diapering Little Man, saving so much money and reducing our waste by a huge amount.  We'll also continue to use cloth on Little Lady as long as it works for us, which I hope can be for another two years!

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  1. Two years is a huge success! I wish it would've worked out through potty training but you're right, two years saved a awesome amount of both disposables + money! I hope his potty training efforts go smoothly


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