Friday, May 10, 2013

BlogHer '13 Shackin' Up Roomie Edition Link Up

Without further ado - the May BlogHer link up questions!

1.  With whom are you rooming for BlogHer '13?  

I'm rooming with Nicole from The Kavanaugh Report, Jaymi from Olive Juice Box, and Kate from This Awkward Life!

2.  How do you know these ladies?  Are these new bloggers you'll be meeting at the conference or old friends?  

All of these ladies are friends I initially met on The Bump and have become some of my most amazing in real life friends.  We've all had our first children right around the same time & went through everything new mamas experience together and now Jaymi & I both now have a second child as well.

3.  What are your typical sleep and wake times at home?  Do you tend to be an early bird, a night owl, or somewhere in between?  

Since having children, I've turned into a complete night owl.  Whereas previously I'd be in bed by 9 or 10p every night, lately I'll stay up until 1a or later trying to catch up on the day, clean, blog, iron, etc.  Although, as most parents know, that means I'm burning the candle on both ends when I'm up just a few hours later for a night feeding and then back up early for the day with either child.

4.  Tell us about your bathroom habits.  {Just kidding!!!  ...kind of!}  What is your daily routine for getting ready for the day?  How long do you typically take on make up, showering, hair, etc.?

I used to spend a TON more time on myself than I do now.  I showered every day, washed my hair every day, and spent probably at least an hour or more on this whole process.  Now?  I'm lucky to get two showers a week.  {I promise you ladies I'll shower at BlogHer!}  My daily habit now is to throw my hair into a bun or braid, add in some concealer, blush and mascara, and throw on a quick outfit, taking no longer than 15-20 minutes at maximum.  I usually shower at night after the babies are finished with their baths, which takes me maybe 15 minutes twice a week, since I don't blow dry my hair after.

5.  Do you plan to spend time at the conference with your roommates, or will you try to go off on your own?

I hope to be able to spend time at the conference with my roommates if that is their plan as well.  I seriously love all three of these ladies - they are so amazing.  Since I'm across the country from all of them, we rarely if ever get to actually see each other, and it will be amazing to get to spend some face to face time hanging out!

BlogHer '13 attendees - you can add your posts in the link up below!

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