Thursday, April 11, 2013

TNO's Tips & Tricks 12 - Save your space by multiplying your function

Since we had children, it seems like our home has been over run with stuff.  Toys, baby gear, laundry- you name it, it's all over our house.  Once we had children, we had to get serious about finding everything a home to keep our home organized.

And that's where multi-functional furniture and items come into play.

When I looked around our home, in any given room, I began to see items that could be repurposed, but the main living area is a prime example.  When you walk into our home through the back door and into the kitchen one of the first things you'll see is our wine rack.  Since we have a child who can now reach where the wine sits on the rack, all of the bottles have been removed.  But the bottom portion of the rack has a long shelf, on which all of our diaper bags and my pump bag sit.  It's easy access, close to the door, and really functional to grab and go.  To make it look just a bit nicer, I added a basket to keep the bags even further organized.

In our living area off of the kitchen, there are several examples of multi-purpose furniture.  The first is our storage ottoman.

We used to have just a regular ottoman of similar size and color, but it was a huge drain of space in the room as there was no storage.  Because our old ottoman was in great quality, I was able to sell it for almost the cost of the new ottoman we purchased.  Our new ottoman is almost exactly the same as the old one, only that it has a lift-up top with a ton of storage inside.  Currently, it houses almost all of the toys in our living room.

Another way we've saved space in the living room is by using an end table for additional storage.  Previously, our end table held a bunch of random stuff that we hadn't used in years and traveled through several moves with us.  We cleaned out the end table so that there was nothing left in the drawer and we could start fresh. Now, that drawer holds all of the little toddler and baby shoes that needed to be downstairs, but for which there was no other logical place.  It's the perfect location to keep little man's shoes, as I plop him on the couch directly next to the end table to put on his shoes.

The last big area we use for multiple purposes in our living room is our tv cabinet.  Previously, our tv cabinet only held videos, video game systems, DVD players, etc.  Now?  It houses all of those things, but I cleared out a little bit of space for our every day necessities: diapers, wipes, bum cream, and burp rags.  Keeping everything up off of the floor and in the cabinet makes the entire room look more organized and keeps me a bit happier!

(*Interested in why there are disposable diapers in that cabinet as well?  That's coming up in a new post soon!)

Those are just a few ways we've turned pieces of furniture we already own into baby-friendly storage, and it's been really working for our family.  If you look around your home, you may also find you have more storage options than you initially thought.  Once you find those pieces, it's just a few simple changes to get your home organized just one step more!

What are some ways you multi-task your furniture?

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  1. We have a side table like yours, with a drawer, and I never ever would have thought of this! It also houses god knows what that has been there forever. We actually turned the table around a while back, so that the drawer faces the wall because Sophi kept slamming her fingers in the drawer! Maybe now that she's a bit older, we will try turning it around sticking her shoes and maybe even a couple pairs of mama sandals that are crowing the front door area! Thanks for the tips!


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