Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Man Update - 26 months!

In the past few months, Little Man has developed a bunch of really cute new habits, which have me swooning in just a twidge more mama love, if that were even possible!  Here are a few of the most recent things he's been doing:

- Showing Little Lady some love:  Ever since Little Lady began to wake up a bit more, Little Man loves to comfort her.  Whether it is a sweet little kiss on his way past her to get to his bubble mower or saying, "Ok, baby, I'm right here wif you!" when she fusses, Little Man has been extremely loving and gentle to his new baby sister, a fact for which I am so thankful.

- Needing a bit more comfort himself:  Since he has been teething his two year molars, Little Man has had a few nights where he just isn't quite ready to be alone in bed sleeping.  Most nights when that happens, as we are trying to leave the room DH or I will hear a tiny voice asking, "Mama my here?" or "Daddy my here?"  This is Little Man's way of asking for me or DH to come lay with him in bed for just a few more minutes before sleep.  I am totally soaking in all of the cuddles he is freely giving away.

- Finding letters, everywhere:  Now that he has been learning his letters, Little Man finds them everywhere.  When we're in the car passing a McDonald's?  "M for Mama!!!"  When we're at the grocery store?  "S for snake!"  While playing with the fake food boxes in his little kitchen?  "G for giraffey!"  He has definitely been on the lookout for his letters.  The other day, he identified almost a full word's worth of letters on a box at the grocery store with DH while waiting in the checkout lane.  I love how excited he is about learning new things!

- Learning new ways to play:  When I was little, my parents told me I made my toys talk to each other all the time.  Little Man has just recently started to do this with his toys, especially his trains.  There are times in which he will actually try to give them different voices like I do, and it is hilarious to listen in to his playing.  Little Man has definitely begun to have a ton more independent, imaginative play lately.  He's developed a great routine for taking care of his Pooh bear, including rocking, changing Pooh's diaper, etc.  In a recent development, I've also discovered that with a quick tie of a scarf, he also loves to wear his Pooh bear.  It is too freaking adorable.

Little Man is very quickly becoming just that- a little man.  No matter how much I think of him still as my little baby, he looks more and more like a little boy both in image and actions.  While it is really sad for me sometimes, I also think he just keeps becoming more amazing every day.

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  1. Oh my gosh, as if I already hadn't melted over the photo of him kissing his sister... wearing the Pooh bear is too much! So adorable.

  2. Those are the sweetest pictures ever.


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